Springer has a strong reputation for high-quality content, and this is reflected in our textbook publishing program. We publish textbooks at all levels, supporting students from undergraduate through to post-graduate, across in a broad range of topics.

Building on the success of our textbook publishing, we are now working to further develop and strengthen this program. This includes establishing best practices for commissioning textbooks, added market research to ensure textbooks map to course structures, and improved text layouts to make the content more student-friendly. The result of this will be textbooks that better support instructors and provide an enhanced learning experience for students. 

We have

  • 8,500+


  • 500+

     New titles added each year 

Benefits of Using Springer eBooks as Course Materials:

  • Reduce student costs: Provide free e-resources from the largest collection of scholarly science and humanities research eBooks
  • A wealth of resources: In addition to textbooks, Springer ebook collection include book series, monographs, handbooks, major reference works, reference, conference proceedings and more, making it a complete resource for teaching and learning.
  • Boost your books: Maximize the value and usage of your licensed Springer eBook resources.
  • Print on demand: Students can order personal, print editions of Springer eBooks for just 24.99 (where available)
  • Make learning hassle-free: Utilize researcher focused use policies and unlimited access - anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Introducing Biological Rhythms
Lattice-ordered Rings and Modules
A War on Terror
Fragile Families and the Marriage Agenda

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