Fast insight into nanotechnology

Nano is a unique source providing highly indexed and structured information related to nanomaterials & devices in over 200,000 curated profiles. Access easily searchable nanoscience data, synthesis methods and literature.
Nano combines the key features of a database and an Abstracting & Indexing tool with intelligent functionality.

Nano – your competitive edge

  • Key nanoscience

    Key nanoscience

    indexed from high-impact journals and patents

  • Quality assured

    Quality assured

    abstracted, curated and updated by nanotechnology experts

  • Precise


    and fast– smart search tools deliver more accurate results

  • Nano specific-1


    increases relevance of search results

What nanomaterial & device data is in a profile?

  • Structure
  • Size
  • Composition
  • Properties
  • Characterization methods
  • Toxicity and other biological effects
  • Preparation/Synthesis methods
  • Applications
  • Patent claims

Benefits of Nano at a glance

  • Unique research solution specific to Nanotechnology
  • Over 200,000 manually curated profiles of nanomaterials and devices from top-peer reviewed journals – evaluated by nanotechnology experts
  • Linking to the original source of data for further research
  • Providing scientists with insights on new discoveries
  • Up-to-date, reliable content due to additions on a regular basis
  • Efficient search results due to precise search tools and filter options

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What our advisory board members say

  • Nanotechnology research and development has been rising on a sharp slope across virtually all scientific disciplines and industries. The result has been a rapidly growing body of information in disparate places that is not readily and efficiently accessible. Researchers need a multidisciplinary database that brings this vast body of data together in an organized and usable way in one place. Working together with other scientists to develop a research solution that can meet this need, through Nano’s External Advisory Board, has made me confident that this is a product that could deliver huge value to the research community.

  • Nano is an emerging and very powerful research tool. It allows researchers to obtain and compare the characteristics of the full spectrum of nanomaterials, as well as the composition and preparation methods for nano-enabled devices. It will provide nano-scientists with the clarity and deep understanding that the Mendeleev table once provided to chemists.

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