Books and Journals on Climate Change and Policy

Our publishing editors selected the most relevant book titles on the topic of climate change and policy.

9783030058425Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals

Global and Regional 100% Renewable Energy Scenarios with Non-energy GHG Pathways for +1.5°C and +2°C

Editor: Sven Teske

The book outlines a technical and policy pathway on how to reduce global energy-related carbon emissions by around 5% per year while maintaining mobility and economic prosperity. 

9783030023188Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change:

Editors: Melissa R. Marselle, Jutta Stadler, Horst Korn, Katherine N. Irvine, Aletta Bonn

This open access book will attract a wide audience interested in biodiversity, ecology, resource management, public health. It identifies biodiversity’s contribution to physical, mental and social health and wellbeing and the implications for conservation, public health, sustainability, and urban planning.

9783319918846Climate Actions:

Transformative Mechanisms for Social Mobilisation

Author: Laurence L Delina

This book discusses strategies for climate actions by synthesizing insights from a set of international ‘contemporary social action group’s’ surveys.

9783030230371Combating Global Warming:

The Role of Crop Wild Relatives for Food Security

Editor: Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair

This book is about the hazards of global warming, which is threatening global food security and how it can be addressed through the utilization of crop wild relatives in developing effective strategies for plant breeding programs, and crop improvement plans.

9783319144092Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Editors:  Wei-Yin Chen, Toshio Suzuki, Maximilian Lackner

The second edition of this important major reference work covers additional topics of climate change mitigation and adaption strategies.

9789813299153Manual of Digital Earth

Editors: Huadong Guo, Michael F. Goodchild, Alessandro Annoni

This open access book offers a summary of the development of Digital Earth over the past twenty years, which is vital in response to sustainable development goals, climate changes, and mitigating disasters,

9783030279653Struggles for Climate Justice: 

Uneven Geographies and the Politics of Connection

Author: Brandon Barclay Derman

This book provides an accessible but intellectually rigorous introduction to the global social movement for ‘climate justice’ and addresses the socially uneven consequences of anthropogenic climate change.

9783030302115Translating the Paris Agreement into Action in the Pacific

Editor: Anirudh Singh

This book introduces the important elements of the NDC implementation Roadmap and the requirements for RE projects instrumental in GHG reductions. It is a primary resource material for those who wish to obtain an understanding of the science behind climate change mitigation.

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Selected journals directly address issues of climate change policies.

10584Climatic Change

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Michael Oppenheimer, Gary W. Yohe

Journal focuses on any aspects related to climatic change, espeically in the areas of environmental, social sciences and economics. 

12053Energy Efficiency

Editor-in-Chief: Paolo Bertoldi

Journal covers wide-ranging topics related to energy efficiency, energy savings, energy consumption, energy sufficiency, and energy transition in all sectors across the globe.

13705Energy, Sustainability and Society

Editor-in-Chief: Daniela Thrän,

The journal offers a forum for discourse on systemic challenges at the intersection of energy, sustainability and society for natural scientists, engineers, social and political scientists and industry experts. 

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