Earth & Environmental Sciences

Just as human history has been shaped by the intrinsic processes of Earth, the planet’s natural processes are now being drastically influenced by humans.

The Earth and Environmental Science eBook Collection brings together up-to-date resources from trusted authors working around the world on topics such as water management, ecology, geology, environmental biotechnology, and sustainable development.

Essentially everything we, as humans, need either comes from the Earth directly or depends on its environment in some way. Research in the fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences, therefore, has important implications for the continued success of our species on this planet. Using physical, biological, and chemical methods, researchers in these fields study geological processes and environmental systems. The marriage of these disciplines can provide an important historical perspective on contemporary global problems such as natural disasters, resource conservation, and environmental sustainability.

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The books in this collection are of interest to academics and professionals in the earth and environmental sciences, and many related fields including urban geography/urbanism, geophysics/geodesy, environmental management, natural hazards, geology, environmental chemistry, palaeontology, geochemistry, geography and geotechnical engineering.

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