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We believe that data should be open, accessible and reusable. 

In response to the challenges faced by researchers, funders and institutions, Springer Nature is offering three new services at an institutional level: Research Data Support, research data training, and data availability reporting. These new services follow a successful pilot offering data deposition support to Springer Nature authors, announced in April 2017 and extended to all researchers in January 2018.

The three new services are:

  1. Research Data Support: dataset deposition and curation service
  2. Training: data curation skills and research data best practice for researchers and institutional staff
  3. Reporting: monitoring data availability statements to support compliance and impact reporting

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White paper

Practical challenges faced by researchers in data sharing.

"The findings echo conversations we have been having with others in the research community, where researchers see the benefits of open data but are struggling to share their data in ways that make the data easy to find and use by others.

"As an academic publisher, we see the rise of open research as one of the major forces reshaping the way that researchers collaborate to advance discovery. The options to speed up the dissemination of research are increasing year on year, with more and more funders, institutions and countries championing open access."

Carrie Calder, VP for business development and policy, open research at Springer Nature

Research Data Support

Helping researchers make their data more findable, accessible, understandable and citeable.


Research Data Support enables your researchers to get the most out of their research projects by organising and sharing their research data in a fast, effective manner. Our professional Research Data Editors improve the value of submitted datasets by making them more findable, understandable, and citeable.

Your institution can lead the way in research data best practice. With a Research Data Support purchase, access can be pre-arranged for affiliated researchers on an institutional level. The service supports both new datasets and those linked to manuscripts that have already been published.

Learn more about the service on our dedicated research data pages.

Benefits to institutions and funders:

  • ensures compliance with funder and institutional data policies
  • saves time and effort on deposition and curation of data
  • upholds trusted editorial standards
  • promotes the citation and reuse of research data
  • enables data sharing via trusted general and institutional repositories
  • enhances and increases the visibility of peer-reviewed publications
  • provides a consistent approach to data sharing and publication linking
  • supports research progress and transparency

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Research data training

Training solutions to benefit your team and researchers at your institution.


Research Data Editors and in-house data experts will offer webinars, in person workshops and “train-the-trainer” resources on policy and best practice in data management, along with hands-on data curation workshops. Our training program allows you to provide knowledge and insights in research data best practice, building a custom curriculum based on the needs of your institution.

Training is designed to benefit anyone who has an interest in research data best practice, including: researchers, policy makers, librarians, research data managers, open access teams, scholarly communication offices, and research offices. Research data training provides a valuable opportunity for members of your team to further their expertise.

At the institutional level, our training program can:

  • equip your team with the key facts they need to answer researchers’ questions
  • support compliance with funder and institutional mandates
  • make the case for better research data management at your institution
  • position your team as expert advisors on open data and data management
  • equip your researchers with data curation and management skills

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Data availability reporting

Helping institutions understand how researchers are sharing their data.


Does your institution or library want to understand more about how researchers are sharing data?

Our data availability reporting service is here to help. We can provide expertly curated and easy-to-understand information on how researchers at your organisation are sharing data associated with articles published in Springer Nature journals.

The report includes two main components:

  • a summary document including graphs of key figures, tables and an executive summary
  • the underlying data file - so institutions can conduct their own analyses and populate institutional data catalogues

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