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2020 Springer take-overs


Springer is pleased to announce 35 take-over journals for 2020, of which 6 is fully open access.

Advances in Operator Theory

ISSN: 2662-2009
eISSN: 2538-225X

Annals of Functional Analysis

ISSN: 2639-7390
eISSN: 2008-8752

Annals of Pediatric Surgery (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2090-5394

Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

eISSN: 1644-9665

Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis

ISSN: 2662-2033
eISSN: 1735-8787

Biologia Futura

ISSN: 2676-8615
eISSN: 2676-8607

Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering

ISSN: 0104-6632
eISSN: 1678-4383

Built Heritage (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2662-6802

Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2536-9660

Cereal Research Communications

ISSN: 0133-3720
eISSN: 1788-9170

Community Ecology

ISSN: 1585-8553
eISSN: 1588-2756

Education and Treatment of Children

ISSN: 0748-8491    
eISSN: 1934-8924

Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

ISSN: 0019-5413 
eISSN: 1998-3727

Italian Journal of Marketing

ISSN: 2662-3323
eISSN: 2662-3331

The Japanese Economic Review

ISSN: 1352-4739
eISSN: 1468-5876

Journal of Applied Youth Studies

ISSN: 2204-9193
eISSN: 2204-9207

Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2090-9128

Journal of Health Service Psychology

ISSN: 2662-2645
eISSN: 2662-2653

Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society

ISSN: 2662-4702
eISSN: 2662-4710

Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

ISSN: 1226-3192
eISSN: 2005-2863

Journal of Power Electronics

ISSN: 1598-2092
eISSN: 2093-4718

Journal of Sedimentary Environments

eISSN: 2447-9462

JPC – Journal of Planar Chromatography – Modern TLC

ISSN: 0933-4173
eISSN: 1789-0993

KN - Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information

ISSN: 2524-4957
eISSN: 2524-4965    


La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

ISSN: 0393-697X    
eISSN: 1826-9850

Ornithology Research

eISSN: 2662-673X

Pharmacological Reports

eISSN: 2299-5684

Reproductive Sciences

eISSN: 1933-7205

Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia

eISSN: 1981-528X

Spine Deformity

ISSN: 2212-134X    
eISSN: 2212-1358

The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2314-8551

The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology (Fully Open Access)

eISSN: 2090-8539

Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science

ISSN: 2168-4790    
eISSN: 2168-4804

Toxicological Research

ISSN: 1976-8257

eISSN: 2234-2753

Trends in Psychology

eISSN: 2358-1883

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