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Find Nanomaterial Summaries, Nanotechnology Articles and Patents all in one place!

Nano at is the Nature Research solution for nanoscience and technology offering the most comprehensive collection of nanomaterial data and literature references.

What does Nano offer?

Nanomaterial summaries

  • Manually curated nanomaterial summaries covering: Size, Nanostructure, Composition, Application, Characterization, Toxicity and Property

  • Preparation methods of nanomaterials in step-by-step synthesis schemes

  • Easy to retrieve and compare nanomaterial variant data such as medium, support and dimension

Nanotechnology patents

  • Nanotechnology - related patents only selected based on nano-related classification

  • Easily accessible patent claim information within a single click

  • Standardised patent summaries translated into English

Nanotechnology articles

  • Machine-learned index of nanotechnology articles by AAAS, ACS, Elsevier, RSC, Springer Nature, Wiley and more

  • Daily-updated index of nanotechnology articles

  • Contextual insights from full text based on search input

Nano benefits to researchers

  • Accelerate your research by accessing all essential nanotechnology information, including Nanomaterial Summaries, Articles and Patents on one platform
  • Improve your findings by easily retrieving accurate search results with advanced nano-specific filter options
  • Identify new research opportunities by incorporating patents into your daily literature search workflow with easy to use functionality, including summaries translated into English, bibliographic information and claims
  • Keep up to date with our daily updated index of nanotechnology articles
  • Assess and compare preparation methods for nanomaterials in step-by-step reaction schemes

Nano benefits to your institution

  • Support your institution’s productivity in the fast growing field of nanotechnology by offering the largest collection of nanomaterial data
  • Empower your researchers with access to key nanotechnology information, including nanomaterial summaries, articles and patents in one place
  • One nanoscience and technology solution serving multiple disciplines:

○     Biology & Biochemistry

○     Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

○     Energy & Environmental Science

○     Food & Agriculture

○     Materials Science & Engineering

○     Mechanics

○     Pharmacy & Medicine

○     Photonics & Electronics

○     Physics

○     Polymer Science & Engineering

Nano Advisory Board

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    Omid Farokhzad, MD

    Associate Professor

    Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    Dr. Farokhzad directs the Farokhzad Lab and the Center for Nanomedicine at BWH. His research is focused on the development of therapeutic nanoparticle technologies. Read More


    • Morteza Mahmoudi, Instructor
    • Jinjun Shi, Assistant Professor
    • Mikyung Yu, Instructor
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    Juan Hinestroza, PhD

    Associate Professor

    Cornell University

    Dr. Hinestroza directs the Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory at the College of Human Ecology of Cornell University. His research is focused on understanding fundamental phenomena at the nanoscale that are of relevance to Fiber and Polymer Science. Read More


    • Goeun Sim, Postdoctoral Associate
    • Marion Schelling, Ph.D. Student
    • Lina Sanchez-Botero, Ph.D. Student
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    Jens Kroeger, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer

    Raymor industries and NanoIntegris

    Under the leadership of Dr. Kroeger Raymor implemented a large scale nanotube production technology developed by Canadian research institutions. He developed the purification methods that led to electronic grade plasma nanotubes currently sold by NanoIntegris. Read More

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    Harald Krug, PhD


    NanoCASE GmbH

    Professor Krug is a toxicologist with specific focus on nanoparticle toxicology; He is collaborating with many national and European projects on the establishing of methods and research on biological effects of nanomaterials. Read More

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    Raghunandan Seelaboyina, PhD

    Senior Manager

    BHEL Corporate R & D / Center for Nanotechnology

    Raghunandan Seelaboyina, Ph.D., heads the Center for Nanotechnology at BHEL Corporate R & D, Hyderabad. The R&D center develops industrial scale products from nanomaterials for BHEL. His interests include the development of industrial-scale macro carbon nanotube structures (yarn and mat/cloth), porous polymer composites for electrical machinery noise reduction, microwave synthesis of nanomaterials, and 3D printing. He obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from FIU in 2007. He worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, with Prof. Wonbong Choi at FIU (2007-2009), delving in the development of compact high current CNT cold electron source for microwave applications. He is the author/co-author of 17 patents, 18 journal papers, and 7 conference proceedings.

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    Yanlin Song, PhD


    Chinese Academy of Sciences / Institute of Chemistry

    Professor Song is the director and researcher of the Key Laboratory of Green Printing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also an adjunct professor of Beihang University and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. His research focuses on functional materials for information and telecommunication, photonic crystal preparation and application, printed electronics and green printing materials and technology.


    • Dr. Fengyu Li 
    • Dr. Mingzhu Li
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    Zhiyong Tang, PhD

    Professor of Materials Chemistry

    National Center for Nanoscience and Technology

    Professor Tang is the director and researcher of the Nanomaterials Research Lab at National Center of Nanoscience and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on the application of functional nanomaterials in the fields of environment and energy.


    • Guodong Li, Associate Professor
    • Lianshan Li, Associate Professor
    • Chengguang Lu, Associate Professor
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    Seeram Ramakrishna, PhD


    Center for Nanofibers and Nanotechnology, National University of Singapore

    Professor Seeram Ramakrishna is the Director of the Center for Nanofibers and Nanotechnology at National University of Singapore. His research spans across the application of nanomaterials in the fields of healthcare, energy, water and environment. Read More


    • Dr. Peng Shengjie, Senior Research Fellow
    • Dr. Amutha, Research Fellow
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    Kuei-Hsien Chen, PhD

    Distinguished Research Fellow and Director

    Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica

    Dr. Kuei-Hsien Chen obtained his BS degree from Electrical Engineering, NTU, Taiwan and his MS and Ph.D. degrees from Applied Science, Harvard University in 1989. He is currently the Distinguished Research Fellow and Director of IAMS, and adjunct research fellow in the Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) in NTU. He works on the synthesis and applications of advanced materials, particularly their energy applications including photovoltaic, thermoelectricity, and solar fuels.


    • Dr. Yi-Fang Huang, Junior Fellow
    • Dr. Deniz Wong, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Dr. Kuei-Kuan Wu, Postdoctoral Fellow

What Nano advisory board members say

Nanotechnology research and development has been rising on a sharp slope across virtually all scientific disciplines and industries. The result has been a rapidly growing body of information in disparate places that is not readily and efficiently accessible. Researchers need a multidisciplinary database that brings this vast body of data together in an organized and usable way in one place.

Working together with other scientists to develop a research solution that can meet this need, through Nano’s External Advisory Board, has made me confident that this is a product that could deliver huge value to the research community


 Nano is an emerging and very powerful research tool. It allows researchers to obtain and compare the characteristics of the full spectrum of nanomaterials, as well as the composition and preparation methods for nano-enabled devices. It will provide nano-scientists with the clarity and deep understanding that the Mendeleev table once provided to chemists.


Nanomaterials are the important source for a multitude of new developments in all scientific disciplines. On the other hand regulators and the society are facing a new group of “chemicals” which may contribute to health and environmental risks. Here only intelligent databases can help to find the needed information in the overwhelming amount of knowledge. In this regard, Nano is a very helpful and constructive tool, which goes far beyond toxicological aspects and covers every topic related to nanotechnology.


Contact the Nano product team

If you have any product related questions, please let us know. We are also more than happy to set up training and webinars to further demonstrate the value of Nano to you and your users.

Prathik Roy, Ph.D.

Prathik Roy, Ph.D.

Group Product Manager, Nanoscience and Technology

Springer Nature New York

Pranoti Kshirsagar

Pranoti Kshirsagar

Product Manager, Nanoscience and Technology

Springer Nature Heidelberg

Rong Ju, Ph.D.

Rong Ju, Ph.D.

Product Manager, Nanoscience and Technology

Springer Nature Beijing

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