Marine & Freshwater Biology Article Collections

We invite you to explore a selection of recent special issues and article collections in Marine and Freshwater Biology and related topics from across our extensive range of biomedical and life sciences journals. 

2021 Collections

Applied Wetland Science from Wetlands

Degradation and Ecological Restoration of Estuarine Wetlands in China from Wetlands

Ramsar from Wetlands

Wetlands Restoration from Wetlands

Wetlands and Global Change from Wetlands

Wetlands in the Developing World from Wetlands

2020 Collections

Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impact Around the Korean Coastal Ecosystems: Korean Long-Term Marine Ecological Research (K-LTMER) from Estuaries and Coasts

Emerging Trends in Aquatic Ecology III from Hydrobiologia

Freshwater Ecosystems - Key Problems and New Findings from Russian Lakes including Lake Baikal from Limnology

Impact of 2017 Hurricanes on Estuaries and Coasts in the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast States from Estuaries and Coasts

Material transport and cycle in watersheds from Limnology

Patterns and Processes of Meiofauna in Freshwater Ecosystems from Hydrobiologia

Phosphorus cycle in watersheds from Limnology

Using Biotelemetry to Inform Fish Management from Environmental Biology of Fishes

The 2014-2017 Global Coral Bleaching Event: Drivers, Impacts, and Lessons Learned from Coral Reefs

Fishes of the Flats from Environmental Biology of Fishes

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