We take a look back at the research highlights from a year that saw us facing a global pandemic, economic upheaval alongside political and social unrest. Whatever your next research project, we hope you find the research that will drive your next discovery here. Review articles, chapters, highly cited journals and new books reflecting the year in Politics and International Studies. Browse research across Springer Nature, or take a look at individual imprints below.

A selection of 2020's highlighted research

Insights from the Editorial Team

Sarah Roughley, Editorial Director for Politics and International Studies books, Palgrave Macmillan

Sarah Roughley

It would be an understatement to say 2020 has been an eventful year. Now more than ever it is crucial that we understand the ways in which our leaders operate, and how governments and institutions respond to, and shape, our times. Academics continue to unpack these questions and more for us, despite now teaching and researching in a very different and often challenging landscape. We are very proud to present some highlights from our 2020 Books collections from both Palgrave Macmillan and Springer’s Politics and International Studies programmes.        

Dr. Martina Bihn, Editorial Director, Business/Economics & Statistics

Martina Bihn

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed lives and also influenced the research agenda in political science. Our journals in this disciplines have increasingly received submissions on the political impact of the crisis, and we expect to see numerous special issues and articles on this timely topic published. Beyond this specific challenge, there has been publication growth in all areas of politics and international relations, and we are extremely proud to state a strong uptake of the opportunities to publish open access in Palgrave and Springer journals. We encourage you to submit your articles to our journals in political science.