As a result of the Springer Nature merger we have made a number of operational changes, including an updated fulfillment system & customer service infrastructure and new terms & conditions. See our new Springer Nature Customer Service Operations Guide for more detailed information. (updated Nov. 2019)

It is important that you review this document, as it contains updated payment information, changes in invoicing, updated contact details, title codes needed for ordering and other necessary information to do business with Springer Nature after 1st August 2017. 

Springer Nature General Terms & Conditions

We have updated the Springer Nature General Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) for Resellers. These new T&Cs will apply to orders you place with us as of September 2018.  

For Price List Year 2019 we will add the new “End User Terms for Electronic Publications” to our institutional subscriptions. This document (Schedule 1 of our GT&C´s) clarifies the terms of a single subscription and the conditions for use of electronic content for institutional subscribers.

(DOCX, 113.29 KB)

Information for Resellers


Journal Price Lists

Access Springer Nature's subscription price & title lists for the present year, and for the previous 3 years. 


Serials Updates

Through the Serials Updates, we will regularly inform you (usually in September, October, November and February of the new year) of changes to our journal title & price lists

Key Contacts

Our Customer Service Center is available 24/7 to receive your calls and provide any support or assistance required.  

General queries may be sent to or For any special assistance on specific topics, please see our updated Operations Guide.

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Global Manager Intermediaries

+49 6221 4878370

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