Amplifying the author’s voice

Giving context to your work can help add to the value and impact of your research. Springer Nature offers several ways to help you tell your story. 

A lot more goes into your work than appears in the published article or book—the inspirations, the insights, the reasons for the decisions made. All of this gives context to the final published work. And we want to help you bring all of that to light—to help amplify your voice. 

We offer several ways to do that, and we're here to help you along the way. 

Venues and blogs to help amplify your voice

  • The Source: Insight and discussion on publishing in the academic world

    The Source: Insight and discussion on publishing in the academic world

    News, insights and advice from the Springer Nature team, and personal stories from the research community. Sign up for the latest blog posts on academic research and publishing for researchers at every stage of their career. 

  • Before the Abstract

    Before the Abstract

    Springer Nature Storytellers and the Before the Abstract website are both part of an endeavor by Springer Nature to highlight the importance and utility of storytelling in science. Springer Nature offers authors the opportunity to talk about their real-life experiences as researchers, in their own words. Listen to some of their stories now.

  • Behind the Paper

    Behind the Paper

    Tell us the story behind your research article by writing a Behind the Paper post on our of our online communities! We have Nature Research Communities in Microbiology, Ecology & Evolution, Bioengineering, Sustainability, Chemistry, Device & Materials Engineering, and Astronomy, as well as the Springer Nature Protocols and Methods Community and our Research Data hub. As well as Behind the Paper posts from our authors, we publish blog posts from our editors and other regular contributors. Join the conversation now!

  • The BMC Blogs Network

    The BMC Blogs Network

    The BMC Blogs network, consisting of eight subject-oriented blogs (On Biology, On Medicine, On Health, On Society, On Physical Sciences, Research in Progress, BMC Series, and BugBitten) brings together news, opinion, and perspectives from our staff, our journal Editors, and many guest bloggers. Our blogs aim to highlight the best in open access research, report on news in different fields, and offer insights into publishing, as well as discuss the day-to-day work and challenges faced by researchers today.

  • The SpringerOpen Blog

    The SpringerOpen Blog

    Open access across all the disciplines; here you’ll find highlights and opinions on the best research SpringerOpen publishes, as well as insights and perspectives on open access publishing (especially in the disciplines beyond biology and medicine).

    The staff writes most posts, but we will also host commentary from Editors, Editorial Board Members, and other special guests.

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