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Submitting to Research Data Support

Submitting your datasets is simple and straightforward

When you’re ready to submit, click the button on the right and you will be asked to provide some brief information about your data before being able to upload them privately and securely to the service.

In this infographic you can see each of the steps involved in Research Data Support.

Research Data Support Process © Springer Nature

If you are submitting a large number of files, you can choose to submit them all at once, or you can return to the submission page multiple times to upload each file separately.

The cost of Research Data Support is €300 per accepted submission, which includes up to 50 GB of permanent online storage. Visit the Pricing page for more information.

If you need to upload a dataset bigger than 50GB, it is likely we can still help. Please contact us at for information on how to do this.

Further specific guidance on uploading files to Research Data Support can be accessed here.

General help and information on submission, processes and the service in general can be found here.

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