Research Data Support for Wellcome researchers

All Wellcome-funded researchers can receive free support from a data curation expert as part of the extended Research Data Support pilot


If you are a researcher who receives Wellcome funding, you can access support from one of our experienced data curation experts at no cost to you. Our research data curators will assess your scientific manuscript or publication and ensure the associated data is findable, accessible and reusable. We will also provide expert curation on data files you submit, saving you time and money organising your research data. You can now submit and store files up to 500GB in size.

How can I use Research Data Support?

You can submit a manuscript for assessment, a dataset for curation, or both. One of our data curation experts will then help you deposit your data in the most suitable location, create a detailed metadata record and a data availability statement, as well as offering advice on best practice. To get started, use the form below or to learn more watch our webinar.

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Benefits of using Research Data Support

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Get expert one-to-one advice and support from an data curation expert

Our experienced research data curation experts can assess your manuscript and data to ensure the two are properly linked, and that your research datasets are findable and accessible

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Increase your citations by up to 25% on average*

The citation benefit of linking to supporting data in a research article differs according to discipline, but on average it as associated with a 25% increase in citations, and in some disciplines this is as high as 50%**

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Meet the data sharing requirements of your institution 

and funder more easily

The Wellcome Trust supports researchers in making research data as widely available as possible with as few restrictions as possible. All Wellcome funded researchers can benefit from our Research Data Support service at no individual cost

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Advance a culture of open and reproducible science

The outcomes of our Research Data Support service contribute to a culture of open and reproducible science, benefitting future scientists and society as a whole

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We collect and use your personal data to facilitate your request. We won’t contact you for anything unrelated to this request, neither will we share your information with any third parties, as detailed in our privacy policy. We may share it with our affiliated companies and use it internally for analysis purposes.

Watch the webinar

Our resident data curation expert, Graham Smith, joins Wellcome's David Carr for a session exploring Wellcome's research data policies and the support available for Wellcome funded researchers