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Springer Nature's Author Recognition Winners

Research and science authors are committed to advancing research discoveries for the whole research community when they publish their work. In the spirit of advancing research, we celebrate and congratulate the winners of Springer Nature's Author Recognition from 2015-2019. These recognitions celebrate the most impactful, cited authored research articles and books/book chapters.

Chudakov, Dmitriy M

Author recognition for most cited journal article from 2015-2019

MiXCR: software for comprehensive adaptive immunity profiling in Nature Methods

Alexander E. Hramov 

Co-authors: Alexey A. Koronovskii, Valeri A. Makarov, Alexey N. Pavlov, Evgenia Sitnikova

Author recognition for most cited book from 2015-2019

Wavelets in Neuroscience, part of the Springer Series in Synergetics.

Alexander V Vasilyev, Vladimir B Vasilyev

Author recognition for most downloaded journal article from 2015-2019

On some classes of difference equations of infinite order in Advances in Difference Equations

Alexey L. Gorodentsev

Author recognition for most downloaded book from 2015-2019

Textbook for Students of Mathematics, This book is the first volume of an intensive “Russian-style” two-year undergraduate course in abstract algebra.

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