Celebrating Global Research from Russian Scientists

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Springer Nature shares a long history with Russian scientists and has published more than 500,000 journal articles and 64,000 book chapters and proceedings papers from Russia.

The first monograph from an author affiliated with the Russian academic institution was published in 1869 and in 1972 we published the first Russian conference proceedings. In January 1860, the first journal article written by a Russian author was published in what is now named European Journal of Pathology. Our portfolio also includes the Russian Journal of General Chemistry, which is the successor to Russia’s first chemical journal.

We remain committed to supporting the way that researchers communicate, collaborate and advance the pace and quality of discovery from around the world. Today we are celebrating the collective commitment of working collaboratively with Russians scientists who have contributed to global research.

As part of this celebration, Springer Nature is providing free access to content from Russian scientists until the end of this year, supporting Russian researchers by maximizing their global collaborations and their articles to be used and cited globally as much as possible.

The free content on the next page will give you direct access to a selection of 100+ top cited articles by Russian researchers and scientists from multidisciplinary subject areas.

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