Transfer titles

It can be easy to miss a journal that has changed publishers. Here’s an easy way to keep track of what journals have moved to Springer Nature. Contact your subscription agent, consortium representative or one of your Springer Nature contacts to continue your subscription.

2018 transfer titles

Springer Nature is pleased to announce 7 Take-Over/Transfer journals for 2018

JournalISSN / eISSNFormer Publisher
BiologiaeISSN: 1336-9563
Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society
eISSN: 1735-8515 Iranian Mathematical Society
Canadian Journal of Public Health
eISSN: 1920-7476The Canadian Public Health Association
European Geriatric Medicine
eISSN: 1878-7657Elsevier
International Journal of Cognitive Therapy
eISSN: 1937-1217Guilford Press
Journal of Flow Chemistry
ISSN: 2062-249X eISSN: 2063-0212 Akadémiai Kiadó
ISSN: 0340-4099Beltz Juventa

2013 - 2017 transfer titles






Archive of transfer information & Transfer code of practice

Additional information on journal transfers can be found searching the Journal Transfer Notification Database. Springer Nature endorses the Transfer code of practice. For more information, see here.

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