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Since launch in November 1869, Nature has published many of the most significant and influential papers in modern science. From research scientists to journalists, the Nature archive provides users with an authoritative narrative through scientific history.

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Nature archive PastCasts

The Nature PastCast is a podcast series telling the stories behind some of the biggest papers in Nature's archive. Each month for a year, the PastCast explored Nature's back catalogue, setting in context key moments in the history of science – and rooting out some of the quirkier reports from the journal – with the help of scientists and historians.

Click on the links to access each episode, and please feel free share this great feature with your researchers.

January 1896:

On a new type of ray

December 1920: 

The Quantum Theory

November 1869: 

Nature is born

October 1993: 

Could there be life on other planets?

September 1963: 

Plate Tectonics

August 1975: 

Monoclonal antibodies: from basic science to blockbuster medicine

July 1942: 

WW2 Radar Design

June 1876:

The arrival of the first Gorilla in Europe

May 1985: 

The discovery of a hole in the ozone layer

April 1953: 

The structure of DNA

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