Sharing your article

Information for open access authors

Springer Nature copyright information open access © Springer NatureI​​​​​​​f you’ve navigated to this page from an article offprint, congratulations on being published! 

To check whether your article was published under an open access license, please review the copyright information statement on your full text article or pdf. You’ll be able to see whether it says “open access”.

The open access advantage

Open access (OA) articles benefit from higher visibility and wider readership: in fact, research on Springer Nature journals showed OA articles are accessed 4 times more often on average, and cited 1.6 more times on average1.

We're committed to making your article as accessible and discoverable as possible, that’s why the default OA license for the majority of our journals is CC BY2:

  • CC BY articles allow others to distribute, remix and build on your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you.
  • CC BY benefits authors and readers, allowing maximum dissemination of your work, whilst ensuring responsible re-use.
  • CC BY ensures your work will be available for re-use in the future in ways we may not have imagined yet.
2 The vast majority of our Open Choice/fully open access journals use the CC BY license as default, however other licenses do apply in some cases. Please check your copyright information statement.

How can I share my article?

Your final article (Version of Record) may be shared anywhere, at any time, by you or by anyone providing they observe the terms of CC BY and credit you as author, as described above.

So whether you want to share your article on a website, a scholarly collaboration network, by email, on social media, in teaching, or anywhere else, you’re free to do so!

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