APS Physics March Meeting 2019

Visit the Springer Nature stand at booth 725

Springer Nature is at booth 725 at this years APS March Meeting in Boston. We attend these events because we love to meet you authors and discuss your research; this is why we try to schedule as many Meet-The-Editor sessions as possible. Visit our booth (725) to find out the what, where and when of all our event activities.

Our editors have highlighted Springer Nature published research from 35 of the invited speakers at APS. You can access their work below the form for free. Learn about the exciting research these speakers are working on before attending their sessions at APS. 

All non-open access content will be free to access until March 31st 2019. Open access articles are freely available online permanently.​​​​​​​

Start reading... all content is free to read until March 31, 2019

A ferroelectric memristor

By Julie Grollie
from Nature Materials

A ferroelectric quantum phase transition inside the superconducting dome of Sr1−xCaxTiO3−δ

By Kamran Behnia
from Nature Physics

Active wetting of epithelial tissues

By Xavier Trepat
from Nature Physics

Chirality in microswimmer motion: From circle swimmers to active turbulence

By Hartmut Loewen
from The European Physical Journal Special Topics

Controlling sound with acoustic metamaterials

By Andrea Alu
from Nature Reviews Materials

Distortion and destruction of colloidal flocks in disordered environments

By Denis Bartolo
from Nature Physics

Electrically switchable Berry curvature dipole in the monolayer topological insulator WTe2

By Liang Fu
from Nature Physics

Emergent Weyl excitations in systems of polar particles

By Ana Maria Rey
from Nature Communications

Emulation of complex open quantum systems using superconducting qubits

By Alan Aspuru-Guzik
from Quantum Information Processing

Entanglement, quantum randomness, and complexity beyond scrambling

By Seth Lloyd
from Journal of High Energy Physics

Evolution of charge order topology across a magnetic phase transition in cuprate superconductors

By Riccardo Comin
from Nature Physics

Experimental demonstration of the microscopic origin of circular dichroism in two-dimensional metamaterials

By Gennady Shvets
from Nature Communications

Extremely high magnetoresistance and conductivity in the type-II Weyl semimetals WP2 and MoP2

By Claudia Felser
from Nature Communications

Flexible mechanical metamaterials

By Martin van Hecke
from Nature Reviews Materials

Graphene nanoribbon devices at high bias

By Philip Kim
from Nano Convergence

Impurity-limited quantum transport variability in magnetic tunnel junctions

By Hong Guo
from Frontiers of Physics

Informational and Causal Architecture of Continuous-time Renewal Processes

By Sarah Marzen
from Journal of Statistical Physics

Landau quantization and quasiparticle interference in the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2

By Ali Yazdani
from Nature Materials

Lateral heterojunctions within monolayer MoSe2–WSe2 semiconductors

By Xiaodong Xu
from Nature Materials

Learning through ferroelectric domain dynamics in solid-state synapses

By Manuel Bibes 
from Nature Communications

Long-distance propagation of short-wavelength spin waves

By Mingzhong Wu
from Nature Communications

Machine learning phases of matter

By Juan Carrasquilla
from Nature Physics

Material platforms for spin-based photonic quantum technologies

By Mete Atature
from Nature Reviews Materials

Narrowband Metamaterial Absorber for Terahertz Secure Labeling

By Marin Soljacic
from Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves

On the Quantum Measurement Problem

By Caslav Brukner
from Quantum [Un]Speakables

Phase-stabilized 100 mW frequency comb near 10 μm

By Jun Ye
from Applied Physics B

Room-temperature superfluidity in a polariton condensate

By Stephane Kena-Cohen
from Nature Physics

Strong room-temperature ferromagnetism in VSe2 monolayers on van der Waals substrates

By Matthias Batzill 
from Nature Nanotechnology

"Swarm relaxation”: Equilibrating a large ensemble of computer simulations⋆

By Francesco Sciortino
from The European Physical Journal E

The evolution of multiferroics

By Manfred Fiebig
from Nature Reviews Materials

Thermalization Time Bounds for Pauli Stabilizer Hamiltonians

By Kristan Temme
from Communications in Mathematical Physics

Topological defects in confined populations of spindle-shaped cells

By Guillaume Duclos
from Nature Physics

Topological Physics with Photons

By Mohammad Hafezi
from Quantum Simulations with Photons and Polaritons

Universal Recovery Maps and Approximate Sufficiency of Quantum Relative Entropy

By Renato Renner
from Annales Henri Poincaré

Universal Continuous-wave multiphoton photoemission from plasmonic nanostars

By Claus Ropers
from Communications Physics

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