Biology Week 2018

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Biology Week 2018 runs from October 6th - 14th and showcases the important and amazing world of the biosciences, getting everyone from children to professional biologists involved in fun and interesting life science activities.

To celebrate, we have put together a special collection of leading articles and books, organized by key themes. We hope you enjoy browsing our vast amount of featured content and encourage you to share these topical articles with your colleagues!

All articles and book chapters are free to read through October 31st 2018. Open access articles and books are freely available at any time.

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Organoids Research

Organoids Research

Organoids are cell-derived in vitro 3D organ models and allow the study of biological processes, such as cell behaviour, tissue repair and response to drugs or mutations, in an environment that mimics endogenous cell organisation and organ structures. Starting as a major technological breakthrough they are now firmly established as an essential tool in biological research and also have important implications for clinical use. A major advantage is that organoids can be grown from a limited supply of starting material, e.g. biopsies, and used for drug screening to develop individual therapies. They have further shown potential in the modelling of diseases, gene editing and transplantations and not least helped to answer many important biological questions. Efforts are underway to setup cryopreserved biobanks of human organoids as a resource for researchers and clinicians.

Cancer Evolution

Cancer Evolution

Tumour progression is driven by a process of clonal evolution. The importance of this process has been increasingly recognized over the past decade: tumour heterogeneity, the major cause of therapeutic resistance to antitumour agents, results from the genetic, epigenetic and microenvironmental selective pressure that tumour cells undergo during cancer progression. In this collection, the cancer editorial community of the Nature journals presents the most recently published articles on cancer evolution. The topic is discussed from different complementary angles (preclinical, translational and clinical), and across a broad range of tumour types. This collection has been produced with exclusive support from EMD Serono. The collection content is editorially independent and the sole responsibility of Springer Nature.

Machine Learning in Healthcare

The accelerating power of machine learning in diagnosing disease and in sorting and classifying health data will empower physicians and speed-up decision making in the clinic. Nature Biomedical Engineering brings you a Collection of articles on Machine learning in healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging

BioMedical Engineering Online presents a collection on Artificial intelligence in biomedical imaging. Artificial intelligence can support image processing and feature selection in medical diagnostics and this collection includes machine learning methods, evolutionary calculations and their novel applications in biomedical imaging.

Editor's Choice: Machine Learning in Healthcare

There is great scope for machine intelligence to bolster human endeavours to improve health and wellbeing. Here is just a small selection of research published in Scientific Reports that has contributed to the rapid progress of this field in the past few years.

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NPJ Digital Medecine

npj Digital Medicine is dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed researchin all aspects of digital medicine including the clinical implementation of digital and mobile technologies, virtual healthcare, data analytic methodologies and innovative sensor development to provide the necessary data and longitudinal monitoring to best inform the broadest medical community.

NPJ Biofilms and Microbes

npj Biofilms and Microbiomes publishes biofilms and microbiomes research across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. The journal covers the entirety of the field, from cell-cell communication and single cell interaction with the environment, all the way to the human, animal and plant microbiomes, as well as the microbiomes of natural and built environments.

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