Genetics Article Collections

We invite you to explore our special issues and article collections in Genetics and related topics from across our extensive range of biomedical and life sciences journals. 

2021 Collections

Artificial Intelligences and Genomics from Human Genomics

Clinical Epigenetics of COVID-19 from Clinical Epigenetics

Epigenetic Biomarkers from Clinical Epigenetics

Genomics of COVID-19: Molecular Mechanisms Going from Susceptibility to Severity of the Disease from Human Genomics

Metabolic regulation of lipids and fatty acids and risk of cardiometabolic disease from Lipids in Health and Disease

Milestones in Genomic Sequencing from Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Genetics, Nature

Molecular genetics of male infertility from Human Genetics

Next-Generation Machine Learning from BioData Mining

Regenerative Medicine and Epigenetics from Clinical Epigenetics

Role of lipids and lipid metabolism in cancer from Lipids in Health and Disease

Series on Clinical Cancer Genomics from Nature Cancer

Sphingomyelin: Key Roles in Health and Disease from Lipids in Health and Disease

TEs in Model Organisms from Mobile DNA

The Human Microbiome and Genetic Disease from Human Genetics

Undiagnosed Rare Diseases from Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases

2020 Collections

20th Anniversary from Nature Reviews Genetics

Alternative models in nutrigenomics from Genes & Nutrition

Arthropod Genomics  Cross journal series

Biomarkers in food and nutrition research from Genes & Nutrition

Clinical Cancer Genomics from Nature Cancer

Clinical interpretation of genome variation from Genome Medicine

Crop Genetic Research in Asia from Theoretical and Applied Genetics

Feto-Maternal Genomic Medicine from Human Genetics

Genes and Nutrition at the crossroad of obesity and metabolic disease from Genes & Nutrition

Genetic epidemiology of complex diseases from Human Genetics

Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases from Human Genetics

Keeping an Eye on Gene Therapy from Gene Therapy; Eye

miRNA from Genes & Nutrition

Molecular Genetics of Aging and Longevity from Human Genetics

Nomenclature, databases and bioinformatics in Immunogenetics from Immunogenetics

Public Health Genomics from Human Genomics

Single-cell omics from Nature Reviews Genetics

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