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What Our Customers Say

…my interactions with the editors and staff were really key. I want to emphasize that the handling editor played no small part in making this paper what it is now. He really went out of his way to provide feedback on framing and experiments to do in order to test certain hypotheses…the editor was key in making the story what it is. He is definitely part of this discovery. 


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Springer Nature Authors

Springer Nature Authors

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Open Access

Open Access

Including open access journals, open access books and our Open Choice publishing option for most of our subscription journals.

Research Data Support

Research Data Support

To support the rapid and wide dissemination of research during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Springer Nature authors can use our Research Data Support service for COVID-19 data at no cost.

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The Transfer Desk service

Helping take the hassle out of your re-submissions

In Review

With In Review, you can share your research as a preprint—and get all the benefits of early sharing.

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