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Asia’s materialists: Reconciling collectivism and materialism

Journal of International Business Studies

Building on Adam Smith’s (1776) insight linking self-interest and the public good, this paper shows: Collective-oriented materialism can serve individual and collective goals alike.

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A balance of trust in the use of government administrative data

Archival Science

Essential reading on the ethical tensions between two central public goods: re-using data produced by citizen-state interactions, and protecting privacy.


A definition for gamification: anchoring gamification in the service marketing literature

Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked Business

A must-read article on gamification as a form of communicative staging for the service environment.


A group consensus model for evaluating real estate investment alternatives

Financial Innovation

This paper develops a consensus model for group decision-making (GDM) that can be used to gather group ideas and analyze the real estate investment environment under multi-criteria problems.


A sparse hierarchical Bayesian model for detecting relevant antigenic sites in virus evolution

Computational Statistics

A must-read article  with a potentially huge impact for researchers in Medicine and Biostatistics, in particular those working with viruses and effective vaccine strains.


Anchoring biases in international estimates of the value of a statistical life

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

How much do we need to worry about publication bias? This article tackles that question for the value of statistical life literature.


Assessing healthcare service quality: a comparative study of patient treatment types

International Journal of Quality Innovation

In our dynamic digital age, dramatic changes are taking place in transformative knowledge-intensive industries, especially in healthcare. This study examines how a new measure of healthcare service quality, HEALTHQUAL , can be used to assess service quality.  This paper is a MUST read in order to understand the rapidly evolving quality measurement of healthcare customers who need different care treatments.


Big Data: A Normal Accident Waiting to Happen?

Journal of Business Ethics

Big data is a hugely powerful new phenomenon, and calls for strong ethical analysis, such as the approach provided in this paper.


Boom, slump, sudden stops, recovery, and policy options. Portugal and the Euro

Portuguese Economic Journal

The recent Portuguese experience holds very important lessons for policymakers in governments and international institutions. Macroeconomic policies matter!


Brain explorer for connectomic analysis

Brain Informatics

This paper proposes a suite of methods combining scientific visualization and information visualization techniques, in the application domain of human connectome visualization. Given the large volume and high dimension of neuroimaging data, the toolkit it offers is both timely and useful.


Cloud resource allocation schemes: review, taxonomy, and opportunities

Knowledge and Information Systems

This paper offers comprehensive and authoritative coverage on resource allocation for cloud computing, including optimization objectives and methods, design approaches, and target resources.


Digital transformation in maritime ports: analysis and a game theoretic framework


Everybody’s talking about digitalization, but it’s still not fully understood. This paper helps to remedy this problem in connection with maritime shipping.


Embracing cyber-physical system as cross-platform to enhance fusion-application value of spatial information

Spatial Information Research

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the entire social paradigm is moving toward cyber-physical systems (e.g. self-driving cars). This paper illustrates how the uncertainties associated with emerging technologies in the cyber-physical system framework can be addressed using spatial information to create a motor for growth.


Entrepreneurial personalities in political leadership

Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal

Business Leaders as Political Leaders: What lessons we can learn from Donald J. Trump.


Exploring blockchain technology and its potential applications for education

Smart Learning Environments

The article explores the applications of the emerging Blockchain technology to achieve an educational transition towards smart learning.


Free ports: towards a network of trade gateways

Journal of Shipping and Trade

In view of the increasingly protectionist international trade environment, free ports play an important part in facilitating global trade flows. This paper explains the evolution of free ports and supporting factors, outlining a pathway that allows countries to develop a network of trade gateways and hence become more open to others.


How diverse is your team? Investigating gender and nationality diversity in GitHub teams

Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development

How can you build an effective development team? Hint: higher gender diversity is linked with higher productivity!


Hybrid organizations and the logics of entrepreneurial ecosystems

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

In this paper, the classic concept of the business environment is translated into the vision of an “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in which those organizations that can adapt are successful.


Imported technology and manufacturing employment in Ethiopia

Eurasian Business Review

A must-read assessment of how globalization and technological change are impacting employment.


Industry use of virtual reality in product design and manufacturing: a survey

Virtual Reality

An essential paper for all students interested in VR and product design.


Patent litigation in Europe

European Journal of Law and Economics

This paper sheds new light on patents and patent systems.


PID controller design for second order nonlinear uncertain systems

SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences

The 100-year-old problem of the “proportional-integral-derivative (PID)” controller has finally been solved.


Research Questions on Meromorphic Functions and Complex Differential Equations

Computational Methods and Function Theory

A list of important unsolved problems in complex analysis.


Scheduling electric vehicles

Public Transport

Energy consumption needs to be rethought in all its dimensions. Therefore, proper support for electric vehicle development and use is essential. This paper highlights this type of support for scheduling purposes.


Special feature: preliminaries towards ontological reconstruction of economics—theories and simulations

Evolutionary and Institutional Economic Review

Ontology is currently being transformed in information science. A similarly innovative approach must also be pursued in economics.


Statistical perceptual maps: using confidence region ellipses to enhance the interpretations of brand positions in multidimensional scaling

Journal of Marketing Analytics

A must-read article for business researchers and managers interested in using perceptual maps for brand positioning.


Stochastic global maximum principle for optimization with recursive utilities

Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk

Many experts have worked on the still unsolved problem:  When the generator of the backward stochastic differential equations is a non-linear function of Z, what about the global maximum principle of recursive stochastic optimal control systems? This article shows an innovative method to greatly simplify and successfully solve it.


The “car-bomb” as a terrorist tool at metro stations, railway terminals and airports

Journal of Transportation Security

Critical research into an emerging threat around the world.


Whither U.S. Net Neutrality Regulation?

Review of Industrial Economics

A must-read for all those interested in gaining a better understanding of the “net neutrality” policy debate in the US.


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