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Evidence of Potentially Harmful Psychological Treatments for Children and Adolescents

Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

Examines five psychological treatments for children that are potentially harmful. Essential reading for anyone working in the area of child & adolescent mental health.

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"All in the family?" The Relationship Between Sibling Offending and Offending Risk

Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology

Three generations of data show that siblings’ legal offenses contribute a unique risk in addition to parents’ and grandparents’ offenses.


‘Shopping for Change’: World Vision Canada and Consumption-Oriented Philanthropy in the Age of Philanthrocapitalism


A critical analysis of philanthrocapitalism, in which the act of helping a fellow human being is transformed into a shopping-like experience.


“Be useful to society”: parental academic involvement in rural to urban migrant children’s education in China

Asia Pacific Education Review

Interesting educational article on parental involvement in China.


A principled and cosmopolitan neuroethics: considerations for international relevance

Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine

Reflecting recent developments in international brain science, the OECD has praised this paper as paving the way for an international discourse on developing globally relevant (neuro)ethics.


Absence: An Indo-Analytic Study


Today’s world is characterized by so many absences: species depletion, extinctions, and disappearances. The article will help readers understand what is involved in the perception of absence.


Bridal photos and diamond rings: the inequality of romantic consumption in China

The Journal of Chinese Sociology

This article provides a new perspective on the fascinating world of consumption on the part of Chinese young people. Drawing on ethnographic research and interviews with two different socioeconomic cohorts the author addresses the larger sociological issue of class formation in the contemporary Chinese context. A must-read to understand the latest consumption trends in China’s rapidly changing society.


Children with multiple stays at refuges for abused women and their experiences of teacher recognition

European Journal of Psychology of Education

We need to pay more attention to providing education for those living in difficult conditions.


Cultural Causations and Expressions of Distress: a Case Study of Buufis Amongst Somalis in Johannesburg

Urban Forum

A revealing paper on transnational realities in African cities, so evident among Somali migrants and asylum seekers coping with the challenges of resettlement in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Cyber Sovereignty and the Governance of Global Cyberspace

Chinese Political Science Review

This paper reviews the competing guiding principles that govern the global cyberspace.


Defending university integrity

International Journal for Educational Integrity

Integrity beyond the classroom: Universities can and should lead the way.


Democratizing education at the margins: faculty and practitioner perspectives on delivering online tertiary education for refugees

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education

Unequal access to internet technology is still prevalent among the world’s most vulnerable populations. Seeking to remedy this injustice, this article discusses the implementation of an online pilot program that provided tertiary education for refugees in Africa and the Middle East.


Domestic burglary drop and the security hypothesis

Crime Science

Makes an unprecedented contribution to our understanding of the drop in domestic burglary using an exemplary methodology.


Ecological understanding of foreign language speaking anxiety: emerging patterns and dynamic systems

Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education

Must-read advice for researchers in the fields of linguistics and language learning on how to integrate different aspects and dimensions of language learning and teaching into a unified ecological system.


Enhancing the quality of kindergarten education in Singapore: policies and strategies in the 21st century

International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy

An essential case report for early childhood educators and policy-makers on reforming preschool education.


Evidence Amalgamation, Plausibility, and Cancer Research


A crucial article that identifies “paradigm instability” in current cancer research, and outlines a way to move forward.


Futures Perfect and Visioneering: a Re-Assessment

NanoEthics. Studies of New and Emerging Technologies

A thought-provoking piece by the pioneer of the “visioneering” concept on how technological elites are shaping the future, and the downsides of this trend.


Intersectional Masculinities and Gendered Political Consciousness: How Do Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality Shape Men’s Awareness of Gender Inequality and Support for Gender Activism?

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

With the global #MeTooMovement, women’s marches, and other forms of women’s activism, men’s, along with women’s, support for gender activism is crucial. Harnois’ findings highlight concrete ideas for enlisting men in these global movements for social justice and change.


Large-scale observational evidence of cross-cultural differences in facial behavior

Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

Cultural and gender differences in the display of facial expressions like smiling & brow furrowing.


Mann and Gender in Old English Prose: A Pilot Study


Dispels gender prejudices concerning the Old English word _mann_ and reveals deep-rooted male/female clashes in the history of English.


Matched Child Savings Accounts in Low-Resource Communities: Who Saves?

Global Social Welfare

People in low-resource contexts can still have savings!! A classical experiment for researchers interested in economic empowerment using Child Development Accounts.


Misinformation as Immigration Control

Res Publica

The regulation of international migration is one of the greatest political challenges in today’s world. Fears of perceived “flows of migrants” have led western governments to adopt increasingly restrictive migration regulation policies, including repatriation. This paper addresses the limitations of such policies.


Muslims Love Jesus, Too? Corrective Information Alters Prejudices Against Islam

Pastoral Psychology

Given the pervasive fears regarding Islam in the contemporary world, this paper offers a way to see Islam in a different light. More information can help people attain a clearer understanding of the second largest religion in the world.



The Journal of Ethics

This article addresses the most important issue currently facing US colleges and universities: the loss of academic freedom. Further, it offers a solution to the problem.


On silences: Salvadoran refugees then and now

Latino Studies

A riveting and timely exploration of the impacts of state terror and current immigration politics in the United States.


Open Science, Bandung and Ezekiel: crafting a transnational knowledge space towards the brave new world

Bandung: Journal of the Global South

Embracing Open Science for a better, braver new world for the Global South. Isn’t it a wonderful idea and agenda for global transformation?


Pseudo Change: China's Strategic Calculations and Policy Toward North Korea after Pyongyang's 4th Nuclear Test

East Asia

By examining one of the most contentious geo-political relations in East Asia – that between China and North Korea – this article captures the key aspects of regional stability and security that could potentially affect everyone in this region.


Sexual victimization of college students in public transport environments: a whole journey approach

Crime prevention and community safety

One of the first articles attempting to assess women’s door-to-door safety. This study paved the way for an ongoing global inventory of safety among college students in 18 cities and on all continents. This is particularly important, since women are overrepresented among the so- called “transit riders,” whose only transport option is public transportation.


Still motivated to teach? A study of school context variables, stress and job satisfaction among teachers in senior high school

Social Psychology of Education

Teacher motivation is the core of effective schools. This article has international policy relevance for achieving a more educated world.


Stumbling at the first step: Efficiency implications of poor performance in the foundational first five years


A must-read! A compelling call for policymakers to invest in quality pre-primary education, critical to improving the Foundational First Five years.


The biophysical effects of neolithic colonization: General dynamics and sociocultural implications

Human Ecology

Human-induced environmental change can both drive and constrain long-term socio-political developments.


The competing ontologies of belonging: race, class, citizenship, and Sierra Leone’s “Lebanese Question”

Dialectical Anthropology

Why do minorities tend to suffer at the hands of majorities?


The Energy Paradox Revisited: Analyzing the Role of Individual Differences and Framing Effects in Information Perception

Journal of Consumer Policy

Important new insight into why people choose not to make profitable energy renovations, which has consequences for energy consumption and global warming alike.


The flipped curriculum: Dewey's pragmatic university

Studies in Philosophy and Education

This paper has an impressive acceptance rate, and is sure to reach the widest audience in terms of sparking interest.


The potential of transnational language policy to promote social inclusion of immigrants: An analysis and evaluation of the European Union’s INCLUDE project

International Review of Education - Journal of Lifelong Learning

This article addresses one of the most pressing educational challenges of our time: how to include and integrate migrants and refugees into their host countries.


The Relationship Between Teachers’ Online Homework Guidance and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge about Educational Use of Web

The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher

An empirical test of the TPCK model to support its validity in the context of educational practice.


Transforming Early Childhood Systems for Future Generations: Obligations and Opportunities

International Journal of Early Childhood

Researchers and professionals in Early Childhood Education are encouraged to take a “big picture” perspective and examine ECE systems in order to address significant global issues.


Walking the Path Together from High School to STEM Majors and Careers: Utilizing Community Engagement and a Focus on Teaching to Increase Opportunities for URM Students

Journal of Science Education and Technology

This paper demonstrates the power of passion, commitment and community to change the world by addressing the persistent issue of underrepresentation in STEM.


What Makes a Satisfied Immigrant? Host-Country Characteristics and Immigrants’ LifeSatisfaction in Eighteen European Countries

Journal of Happiness Studies

Through a cross-national and longitudinal study design, the paper reveals that immigrants’ well-being is more dependent on social and community attitudes than on economic and legal provisions.


What Mathematics Education May Prepare Students for the Society of the Future?

International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education

Insightful advice for educators on how to prepare students for the future.


World Governance and Leadership Designs for the Future

Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

In our rapidly changing world, we face the serious challenges and dangers of global failures. This article addresses the most significant and urgent priorities in global governance, develops a new design and mechanism, and explores the effects of the change on global development and the global economic system.


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