Minming Zhang

chinese doctors day 2021 © Springer NatureProfessor Minming Zhang, Director of Department of Radiology, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, is a member of the Standing Committee of the Radiology Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chairman of the Respiratory Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Radiology Branch. In addition to presiding over National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program), National Twelfth Five-Year Science and Technology Support Program, National Key Research and Development Program, and National Natural Science Foundation projects, she served as Editorial Board Members of many international academic journals. Her research interests cover multiple interdisciplinary subjects such as medical imaging, clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, and computer science.

Can you tell us the importance and significance of this book Diagnostic Imaging of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia?

Since December 2019, there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Nucleic acid testing is the golden standard for the diagnosis of COVID-19, however, its sensitivity and timeliness at the outbreak of such infectious disease have been challenged. Used as a complementary tool in the evaluation of COVID-19, chest CT can play a positive role in isolating the suspected patients as early as possible in the process of preventing and controlling the disease. In addition, chest CT has crucial effects in those aspects including the outcome of the disease, the preparation of treatment strategy, the evaluation of therapeutic effect and the identification of mixed infection and complications. In epidemic prevention and control, radiologists have played an important role and also have accumulated certain valuable experiences. For this reason, we have written this book so as to share the experiences of our team with our counterparts in the world.

The editorial board members of this book are radiologists from designated hospitals for the treatment of the COVID-19. Based on reading a large number of the latest literature and reviewing clinical, laboratory, and imaging materials for hundreds of cases, we then selected typical cases and made detailed comments on those selected cases by making use of our experiences accumulated in clinical practice performed at the frontline with the hope to provide reference to the understanding of the typical imaging manifestations of the disease and the outcome and stage of the imaging by a wide range of radiologists and clinical doctors in the world in their works and to further provide the line of thought for the scientific research, diagnosis, and treatment, prevention and control of the disease.

How do you feel about your collaboration with Springer?

Springer is a leading global publisher that has published many prestigious works on medicine. As a doctor, books are my faithful friends, the ladder for me to make progress, and the major carriers to share knowledge. As a privilege of mine, I have had a positive experience in cooperating with Springer during COVID-19 pandemics. We finished and published this book with a focus on imaging diagnosis of COVID-19 in a short time. During the partnership, I was much impressed by the high efficiency and quality of the manuscript review. The advice given by editors was highly professional and valuable. I do appreciate this successful collaboration and am looking forward to further collaboration.

How do you feel about Chinese Doctors’ Day?

Since its establishment in 2018, August 19 this year is the fourth doctor's day in China. This is the national health and health workers' common festival. It is of great significance for China to set up the doctor's day, which reflects the state's concern for more than 11 million health and health workers and the recognition of our continuous contribution to the improvement of people's health. As a Chinese doctor, I think highly of this festival very much. On this day, I can realize the respect of doctors and the pride of our Chinese doctors in their contribution to human health.

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