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DNA Day on April 25th commemorates the completion of the Human Genome project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double-helix in 1953. 

One of the goals of DNA Day is to increase awareness around the latest advances in genomics so on this page you will find a selection of the most recent research published across Springer Nature’s imprints, insights from researchers, and even a quiz to test your knowledge.

Articles are free to access until May 25th. Open access content is freely available online on a permanent basis.

Quiz and blog

Behind the paper: Reexamining the a of Mouse Genetics A to Z

The nonagouti (a) mutation, which changes coat color from wild-type agouti to black is one of the most widespread classical mutations in laboratory mice strains. We found the root cause of the nonagouti. The a mutation probably arose in an East Asian mouse lineage, possibly, the Japanese fancy mice.

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SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Find a selection of articles published across Springer Nature, as well as additional commentary and books relevant to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research.

Featured books and journals

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Selected articles and book chapters

The Genetics of Coronary Heart Disease

from the book Genetic Causes of Cardiac Disease


Newborn screening for Morquio disease and other lysosomal storage diseases: results from the 8-plex assay for 70,000 newborns

from Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases


Origin and Mechanisms of DNA Methylation Dynamics in Cancers

from the book The DNA, RNA, and Histone Methylomes


Genetic variation drives seasonal onset of hibernation in the 13-lined ground squirrel

from Communications Biology


Host Factors in Coronavirus Replication

from the book Roles of Host Gene and Non-coding RNA Expression in Virus Infection


Longitudinal epigenome-wide association studies of three male military cohorts reveal multiple CpG sites associated with post-traumatic stress disorder

from Clinical Epigenetics


CRISPR directed evolution of the spliceosome for resistance to splicing inhibitors

from Genome Biology


Alternative Ways to Exchange DNA: Unconventional Conjugation Among Bacteria

from the book Horizontal Gene Transfer


JMJD1B, a novel player in histone H3 and H4 processing to ensure genome stability

from Epigenetics and Chromatin


Timing of appearance of new mutations during yeast meiosis and their association with recombination

from Current Genetics


Methods for mapping 3D chromosome architecture

from Nature Reviews Genetics


A genomic atlas of systemic interindividual epigenetic variation in humans

from Genome Biology


DNA Fingerprinting: Discovery, Advancements, and Milestones

from the book DNA Fingerprinting: Advancements and Future Endeavours


A DNA methylation signature to improve survival prediction of gastric cancer

from Clinical Epigenetics


Fundoscopy-directed genetic testing to re-evaluate negative whole exome sequencing results

from Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases


History, Discovery, and Classification of lncRNAs

from the book Long Non Coding RNA Biology


Integrative prediction of gene expression with chromatin accessibility and conformation data​​​​​​​

from Epigenetics & Chromatin


RNome: Evolution and Nature

from the book Cancer RNome: Nature & Evolution


Exploring the dark genome: implications for precision medicine​​​​​​​

from Mammalian Genome


Pathway mapping of leukocyte transcriptome in influenza patients reveals distinct pathogenic mechanisms associated with progression to severe infection

from BMC Medical Genomics


Brief Summary of the Most Important Molecular Genetic Methods (PCR, qPCR, Microarray, Next-Generation Sequencing, etc.)

from the book Genetics of Endocrine Diseases and Syndromes


Selected neuropeptide genes show genetic differentiation between Africans and non-Africans

from BMC Genetics


Familial analysis reveals rare risk variants for migraine in regulatory regions

from neurogenetics


Salivary epigenetic biomarkers as predictors of emerging childhood obesity​​​​​​​

from BMC Medical Genetics


Open collections

Molecular Genetics of Aging and Longevity

Highlights various aspects of aging biology, aimed to both lay out novel advances in the characterization of aging hallmarks as well as highlight emerging topics of interest in the field of aging biology.

Clinical Interpretation of Genome Variation

Captures the recent advances and challenges in understanding genome variation in the clinical context, covering the breadth of human disease and highlighting novel approaches for accurate variant classification.

Microbial Genomics

Technical advances in sequencing technologies and new computational developments have democratized microbial genomics. The articles in this collection highlight the impact of high throughput sequencing on the field of microbiology. 

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