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Why think about who publishes your journal?

The right publisher—and that publisher’s platforms—can provide support for you in all phases of publishing, from the point of submission to post-publication. Discover below what you can expect as an author with Springer Nature.

Why publish with Springer Nature

  • Transformative Agreements. You might already be able to publish open access (OA) if you are covered by one of our many OA Transformative Agreements without additional article-processing charges (APCs).
  • OA Funding Service. If you aren’t covered by a Transformative Agreement, you might still have access to OA publishing funds that you can use to cover OA APCs.
  • Article transfers Hopefully your first-choice journal will accept your submission but in case it doesn’t there is the Transfer Desk.
  • Extra support and services for authors—for example:
    - Free author tutorials, including primers on writing in English for non-native speakers.
    - Participation in ORCiD, the Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service, and first-of-its kind journal-linked pre-printing with In Review (available on select journals).

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