World Mental Health Day

Focus for 2018: Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World

Read a curated collection of journal articles and book chapters on mental health from publishing imprints across Springer Nature... #WMHD18


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Collection Curator: Professor Roger J.R. Levesque

Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Adolescence Research Review and the Encyclopedia of Adolescence 

“Adolescents live in a rapidly changing world. These changes challenge adolescents, as they transform the experience and nature of adolescence itself. The changes also challenge the institutions that guide adolescents’ development. Their socialization now must include not just efforts to address challenges that come from adolescents’ families, schools and communities but also efforts to prepare them for a globalized society that can be unstable, unpredictable, and unhealthy. Developmental science centered on youth increasingly recognizes and addresses these challenges. As researchers now better understand the adolescent transition, they continue to enhance the ability to respond effectively to youth, their social surroundings and institutions supporting them.”

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