HIV Biology and Host Interactions

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HIV infection and increased food insecurity are associated with adverse body composition changes among pregnant and lactating Kenyan women
From European Journal of Clinical Nutrition​​​​​​​
IL-2 Inducible Kinase ITK is Critical for HIV-1 Infection of Jurkat T-cells
From Scientific Reports​​​​​​​
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in HIV: Possible Roles During HAND and Inflammation
From Cellular and Moleucular Neurobiology​​​​​​​
Soluble CD163 and soluble CD14 plasma levels but not cellular HIV-DNA decrease during successful interferon-free anti-HCV therapy in HIV-1–HCV co-infected patients on effective combined anti-HIV treatment
From Medical Microbiology and Immunology​​​​​​​
Sooty mangabey genome sequence provides insight into AIDS resistance in a natural SIV host
From Nature
Species-specific host factors rather than virus-intrinsic virulence determine primate lentiviral pathogenicity
From Nature Communications
Tracing HIV-1 strains that imprint broadly neutralizing antibody responses
From ​​​​​​​Nature