APS Physics March Meeting 2020

Leading Physics research from Springer Nature

We were sorry to hear that the APS Physics March Meeting 2020 had been cancelled and were disappointed not to meet with delegates at the Springer Nature booth. Please find below a collection of articles selected by our editors to highlight the high quality physics research we had hoped to share with you at the meeting.

All non-open access content will be free to access until April 30th 2020. Open access articles are freely available online permanently.

All content is free to read until April 30, 2020

A theory on skyrmion size

from Communications Physics 

Crossover from two-dimensional to three-dimensional superconducting states in bismuth-based cuprate superconductor

from Nature Physics

Entanglement of two quantum memories via fibres over dozens of kilometres

from Nature

Flexible distributed feedback lasers based on nanoimprinted cellulose diacetate with efficient multiple wavelength lasing

from npj Flexible Electronics

Improving solutions by embedding larger subproblems in a D-Wave quantum annealer

from Scientific Reports

Light control of surface–bulk coupling by terahertz vibrational coherence in a topological insulator

from npj Quantum Materials

Machine-learning-assisted insight into spin ice Dy2Ti2O7

from Nature Communications

Macroscopic patterns of interacting contagions are indistinguishable from social reinforcement

from Nature Physics

Managing grains and interfaces via ligand anchoring enables 22.3%-efficiency inverted perovskite solar cells

from Nature Energy

Multifunctional magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: diverse synthetic approaches, surface modifications, cytotoxicity towards biomedical and industrial applications

from  BMC Materials

Nonlinear optical effects in epsilon-near-zero media

from Nature Reviews Materials

Photonics with hexagonal boron nitride

from Nature Reviews Materials

Power converters for battery energy storage systems connected to medium voltage systems: a comprehensive review

from BMC Energy

Pseudo-electromagnetic fields in 3D topological semimetals

from Nature Reviews Physics

Quantum computing with graphene plasmons

from npj Quantum Information

Reaching the ultimate energy resolution of a quantum detector

from Nature Communications

Recent advances in high-throughput mass spectrometry that accelerates enzyme engineering for biofuel research​​​​​​​

from BMC Energy

Recent advances in ion sensing with conducting polymers​​​​​​​

from BMC Materials

Room-temperature Operation of Low-voltage, Non-volatile, Compound-semiconductor Memory Cells

from Scientific Reports

Spontaneous gyrotropic electronic order in a transition-metal dichalcogenide​​​​​​​

from Nature

Superconductor–semiconductor hybrid-circuit quantum electrodynamics

from Nature Reviews Physics

The Iran nuclear deal as a case study in limiting the proliferation potential of nuclear power​​​​​​​

from Nature Energy

Thermal transport in layer-by-layer assembled polycrystalline graphene films

from npj 2D Materials and Applications

Topological sound

from Communications Physics

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