Economics and Finance

Hot research topics at ASSA 2021

The virtual ASSA Annual Meeting kick started 2021 on 3-5 January. In honor of the event we have selected the latest and most relevant economics and finance research, with our highlights available for free until 12 February 2021.

We are interested in acquiring monographs, edited volumes, textbooks, Palgrave Pivots and SpringerBriefs in all areas of economics, with quantitative and qualitative analyses equally welcome. 

Contact an Editor

Get in touch with one of our Palgrave editors Wyndham Hacket Pain, Economics Editor or Ruth Jenner, Commissioning Editor of Economics (Scholarly), or Springer editor Lorraine Klimowicz, Senior Editor, Business, Economics & Politics, Springer, to discuss your book ideas

Whether you are attending or not, stay up to date with the hot topics being discussed at ASSA 2021. 

Free to read chapters and articles

The Measurement of Wealth: Recessions, Sustainability and Inequality

From the book Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics


Emergence and Entanglement in a Theory of Political Economy

From the book Emergence, Entanglement, and Political Economy


Economic Development, Sustainable Development, and Agriculture
From the book Sustainable Agricultural Development


A Unified Theory of Rent, Elite Feud, and Imperial Expansion

From A History of Global Capitalism



From the book Great Minds in Regional Science


What Is Buddhist Economics?

From the book Introduction to Buddhist Economics


Making Economics Stick with Econ Beats

From the book Teaching Economics


Policies for Dynamic Economic Growth: Medium- and Long-Term Policies

From the book Policies for a Stronger Greek Economy


Models of Financial Microeconometrics

From the book Financial Microeconometrics


Moving Beyond Lewis: Employment and Wage Trends in China’s High- and Low-Skilled Industries and the Emergence of an Era of Polarization
From the Comparative Economic Studies


Cyber insurance demand, supply, contracts and cases

From the The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice


Special issue “Covid-19: the economics of pandemic risks and insurance” of the Geneva Risk and Insurance Review
From the The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review