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We are sorry that EGU 2020 will not be taking place in its usual form, and are disappointed not to be able to meet with delegates at the Springer Nature booth. Please find below a collection of articles selected by our editors to highlight the high quality earth and environmental research we had hoped to share with you at the meeting.

All non-open access content will be free to access until May 31st 2020. Open access articles are freely available online permanently.

Join Springer Nature’s Research Data Team at EGU online on Tuesday May 5th for their presentation, ask them questions during their open session on Thursday May 7th, or throughout the week via the virtual helpdesk using #DataHelpDesk. Find out how to join.

Find your way to EGU

Find your way to EGU

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Connect and Protect

Connect and Protect

We are all connected in the struggle to make the best of difficult times. Let’s move online where possible, and support those who are most at risk.

Geography and Environment

Geography and Environment

Focuses on key critical environmental topics such as water governance, sustainability, resilience, climate change adaptation and energy transitions

Earth & Environmental Sciences and Geography at Springer

Earth & Environmental Sciences and Geography at Springer

Although we cannot meet in person in Vienna this year, we are available to answer your questions

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  • Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
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