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The Scientific American archive was recently acknowledged as one of CHOICE’s “Outstanding Academic Titles” for 2012. Ranked amongst 11 resources within the science & technology discipline, the Scientific American archive has also been recognized as one of the top 10 websites reviewed by Choice in 2012.

Available as five collections, the Scientific American archive is an essential resource for discovering historic developments in science, technology, medicine and architecture. Each collection provides insight into historic moments and groundbreaking events that continue to shape our future.

  • January 1997 – December 2005 ¦ Volumes 276-293 ¦ 97 issues
  • January 1948 – December 1996 ¦ Volumes 178-275 ¦ 588 issues
  • January 1910 – December 1947 ¦ Volumes 102-177 ¦ 931 issues
  • August 1845 – December 1909  ¦ Volumes 1-101 ¦ 3,345 issues
  • Supplement & Builders collection ¦ 125+ volumes ¦ 2,574 issues 

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