Nanomaterial Variant Filter is now available on Nano!

By: Guest contributor, Thu Aug 23 2018

Author: Guest contributor

It is well-known that most of nanomaterial and device characteristics like properties, biological effects/toxicities and even applications can be dependent on dimensions as well as environment and conditions (medium/support).

 Looking to give researchers the power of finding this data and analyzing the differences among multiple nanomaterial variants, we are excited to announce the addition of a Nanomaterial Dimension and Medium/Support filter to Nano!

What are the benefits?

  • Save time by easily identifying properties, applications, characterization, biological effects/toxicity and preparation of a particular nanomaterial with specific dimension and medium/support
  • Learn from similar published research results and relevant synthesis criteria
  • Establish how the difference in dimension and environment affect similar nanomaterial and device characteristics

How does it work?

We created a short tour to introduce the nanomaterial variant filter to you.

Take the tour to find out more!


Author: Guest contributor

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