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Understanding, debating & sharing science since 1869

The Nature Research journals are a collection of multidisciplinary research and reviews journals including:

  • Nature — the leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869.
  • 32 Nature-branded original research journals, published monthly, across the life, physical, clinical and social sciences. These journals not only publish primary research but also reviews, critical comment and analysis. 
  • 20 Nature Reviews titles published monthly, showcasing authoritative, accessible and significant reviews content. High-quality graphics and enhanced content provide context and connection whatever the discipline.

Help your users make their own discoveries

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​​​​​​​We understand the benefit to the scientific community when authors post a preprint of their paper and as such, are fully compliant with self-archiving policies.  We support content sharing with our service, SharedIt and provide a variety of metrics to help authors and institutions assess the impact of their output. We strongly advocate reproducibilty by ensuring the data, code and materials featured in our papers are accessible, and the research we publish can be used and built on for generations to come.

The research that helped everything fall into place

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Science is full of momentous discoveries, the impact of which has driven technology, medicine, policy and understanding forwards, starting new fields of study and ultimately changing the world. Breakthroughs such as: Using fingerprints as a way to identify criminals in 1880, Watson and Crick deciphering the structure of DNA in 1953, the first discovery of a planet outside our solar system in 1995 and the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1997.

The value of Nature Research Journals

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All Nature Research journals have dedicated, professional and independent in-house editorial teams. Advocates for their fields, their broad perspectives on their disciplines mean that they know what to look for when reading through submissions. When they see research that is significant and can push science forward, they work with authors and reviewers to critically assess the manuscript and use our reach and influence to give it the widest possible exposure.

Journals by Topic

Journals publishing from 2020

Nature Research will launch three new titles: Nature Cancer, Nature Food and Nature Reviews Earth & Environment in January 2020. These journals focus on major issues and will contribute to solving some of human’s most pressing challenges; improving global health, optimizing food systems for the future and sustaining the health of the planet.

Research video highlights

Inside the ant lab: Mutants and social genes

Remodelling machine learning: An AI that...

Pulmonary embolism: The route to recovery

The drive behind Nature-branded journals

Alison Mitchell

Alison Mitchell - Editorial & Publishing Director​​​​​​​, Nature Research

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"We’re here to serve the research community by publishing the most significant discoveries — findings that advance knowledge and address global societal challenges. Our journals publish not only primary research but also reviews, critical comment and analysis.

From Nature — the leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869 — to selective subject-specific subscription journals such as Nature Genetics and Nature Physics and broad..." read further

Championing and supporting science

Nature Research, what they do and how they support researchers to curate and communicate their most significant scientific advances

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