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Scientific American is the award-winning authoritative source for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter.

With ahead-of-the-curve reporting, Scientific American continues to cover groundbreaking events in science and technology. First published in 1845, Scientific American is the leading source and authority for science, technology information and policy for a general audience. More than 150 Nobel laureates have written for Scientific American, most of whom wrote about their prize-winning works years before being recognized by the Nobel Committee.

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Content Highlights

How Diversity Works  

by Katherine W. Phillips on how being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working. 

When Facts Backfire 

by Michael Shermer on why worldview threats undermine evidence. 

Novel Math  

by Mark Fischetti on how great literature is surprisingly arithmetic. 

Go Public or Perish a Science 

Agenda article on the impact on society when scientists are discouraged from speaking out


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Thematical content on promotes empirical and objective inquiry, as well as rationality and reason, through authoritative and engaging coverage of the most important and on-trend topics in science.

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