Research data policies

Research Data Helpdesk

Got a question about research data? Springer Nature provides a free Research Data Helpdesk for authors and editors.

This service provides free advice on research data policies of funders, institutions and journals and on finding research data repositories. It is independent of journal, book and conference proceedings editorial offices and does not advise on specific manuscripts.

The helpdesk team also operates our Research Data Support service, which provides secure and private submission of data files, data curation, and coordinated publication of datasets with journal articles.

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Scope of the service

For researchers

  • Assistance with and enquiries about Research Data Support
  • Information on the research data policy of their target journal(s)
  • Help identifying suitable data repositories for their research data
  • Information on data reporting standards for different research communities
  • Advice on funders’ and institutions’ data sharing and open data policies*
  • We can direct you to an institutional or funding body contact where appropriate

For Editors

  • Assistance with and enquiries about Research Data Support
  • Help identify a research data policy type, from Springer Nature’s standard data policy framework, for their journal
  • Identifying relevant data repositories for their audience, that can be recommended to authors
  • Advice on implementation and management of research data policies in journals
  • Educational materials and support for better integration of data and literature

Out of scope

  • Advice on applying for research funding
  • Advice on writing data management plans
  • Advice for authors on specific manuscripts under peer review
  • Research data policies of learned societies

*Questions about funder and institutional open access policies (for publications, rather than data) can be answered here.