Frankfurt Book Fair

October 11 – 15, 2017 / You will find us in Hall 4.2 F8

Welcome to the Springer Nature stand at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

Once again,  the Frankfurt Book Fair offers a great opportunity for Springer Nature to showcase its trusted brands including Springer, Nature Research, BMC, Palgrave Macmillan, Scientific American and Spektrum der Wissenschaft. 2017 also marks the 175th anniversary of Springer, which we will proudly celebrate with an anniversary wall as part of our booth.

At our 280-square-metre-stand, you will have the chance to learn more about how Springer Nature is advancing discovery. Key to this is our ability to provide the best possible service to the whole research community: Besides offering of a wide range of print and online products and tailored services, we help authors to share their discoveries and enable researchers to find, access and understand the work of others. We also support librarians and institutions with innovations in technology and data; provide quality publishing support to societies; and take the lead on key issues that matter to funders and policy makers.

In this spirit of partnership and innovation, we warmly invite you to visit our stand.

In addition to our academic books, journals and magazines, you’ll be to find out more about our broad range of scholarly and language learning products from Macmillan Education.

Join our Happy Hour

Make sure not to miss our traditional Happy Hour with colleagues and partners from the publishing industry. Starting at 5 pm, please join us to unwind after a busy day at the Book Fair.


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Stand plan Hall 4.2 F8


Ich will es wissen © Springer NatureSpringer Nature offers a variety of events during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017! You can expect lectures, workshops and discussions on different topics. Learn about our Linked Open Data Service SciGraph or watch our authors present up-to-date issues from areas such as psychology, medicine, science and politics.

The events take place at the Book Fair hotspots in hall 4.2. Please also visit our stand, Hall 4.2 F8 for more information about our events or our portfolio and services!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10.00 am – 10.30 am
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information,
Hall 4.2 / N 99
Presentation organized by Springer
in English

Springer Nature SciGraph

Springer Nature SciGraph – Building a Linked Open Data Knowledge Graph for the Scholarly Domain

Speaker: Henning Schoenenberger, Director Product Data & Metadata Management in Product & Metadata Management, Springer Nature and Michele Pasin, Lead Data Architect, Springer Nature

We are enthusiastic about presenting latest developments of Springer Nature SciGraph, our Linked Open Data platform which aggregates data sources from Springer Nature and key partners from the scholarly domain. This high quality data from trusted and reliable sources provides a rich semantic description of how information is related, as well as enabling innovative visualizations for researchers, authors, editors, librarians, data scientists, funders, conference organizers and many others. We are continuously adding metadata from journal articles, books and chapters, organizations, institutions, research grants, events, citations and much more, in order to contain up to 1.5 billion triples until end of year.

Further Information:

11.30 am – 12.00 noon
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Computer - Wie funktionieren Smartphone, Tablet & Co.? © Springer Nature

Entertaining insights into an unknown world: Computers – how do smartphones, tablets and co. work?

Rolf Drechsler (author)

What do a marital crisis, the British crown jewels and the calorific content of a rich butter cake have to do with the processes behind present-day computers? To find out, join the event “Computers - how do smartphones, tablets and co. work?” with IT professor Rolf Drechsler. Known for his dynamic and humorous presentations, Drechsler will provide a lay explanation of how today’s PCs work.
His latest book is easy to understand, illustrated with cartoons, and includes useful recommendations for further reading as well as QR codes that lead to informative YouTube video clips.

Book title:
Computer - Wie funktionieren Smartphone, Tablet & Co.?

1.30 pm - 2.00 pm
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information,
Hall 4.2 / N 99
Presentation organized by Springer
in English

© Springer

Bookmetrix 2.0: New functionalities for information managers and librarians

Speaker: Martijn Roelandse, Head of Publishing Innovation

Up until now, Bookmetrix has focused on providing authors with important metrics for their book. Now we want Bookmetrix to become a platform which will also serve the needs of information professionals and librarians. Through further development, Bookmetrix will be able to provide data about the impact of eBook packages.

2.00 pm - 2.30 pm
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in English

Springer Nature Experiments

Speaker: Gemmy Ryder, Head of Database Marketing and Michele Cristovao, Database and Innovation Manager

Springer Nature Experiments is a new research solution that helps researchers in the life sciences to find, evaluate and implement protocols and methods.

This new launch showcases Springer Nature´s ability as a progressive research publisher to advance discovery by delivering a valuable research solution that connects researchers to the most relevant and information they need to support their experiments.

Gemma Ryder, Head of Database Marketing and Michele Cristovao, Database and Innovation Manager, will provide further insight into this innovative research solution and show different use cases.

2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Hall Harmonie in the Congress Center

Discussion at the Chinese Book Center

Speaker: Dr Niels Peter Thomas, Chief Book Strategist, Springer Nature

The Chinese Book Center has invited speakers from the publishing industry to give lectures on specific topics. One of the speakers is Niels Peter Thomas who will talk about "The Future of the Book: Challenges in STM Publishing". The audience will mainly be Chinese editors and licensing managers from different publishing houses. Each lecture will last about 20 minutes and will be translated into Chinese.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

11.30 am – 12.00 noon
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Babaren Geister Gotteskrieger © Springer Nature

Barbarians – spirits – holy warriors

Why it is so important to understand the evolution of religions

Ina Wunn (author)

Religions have again become a determining factor in world politics and, contrary to what they usually claim, are unfolding a considerable potential for violence. To understand this development we need to recognise religious changes as evolutionary processes and observe how religions react sensitively to their political and social environments. Consequently, they at times exhibit humanitarian and social qualities, and at others more cruel and irrational traits. Ina Wunn, Professor for Religious Science at Leibniz Universität Hanover, explains these mechanisms and their similarity with biological evolution and adaptation to the environment, and addresses the question of why religions still exist.

Book title:
Barbaren, Geister, Gotteskrieger

12.00 noon - 1.00 pm
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information,
Hall 4.2 / N 99
Discussion organized by B.I.T.Online
in German

Cold war or tentative agreement? “DEAL” – one year on

Speaker: Dagmar Laging, Vice President Institutional Sales, Springer Nature

How could things proceed? Is this the end of “DEAL” or will we reach an agreement?

Within the scope of the project “DEAL – nationwide licensing offers from large scientific publishers” scientific institutions in Germany have begun to terminate individual contracts with publishers. What happens now? Is this the end of “DEAL” or will a compromise be reached? What are the consequences for libraries, retailers and publishers?

3.00 pm
Hall 3.1 / Stand 139
Presentation / Discussion organized by J.B. Metzler
in German

Popkultur © Springer Nature

World music and popular culture – Netflix, Trash-TV, Instagram and today’s global music

Moderation: Dr. Oliver Schütze, Metzler
Guests: Claus Leggewie, Erik Meyer (Ed. Global Pop) und Thomas Hecken, Marcus S. Kleiner (Ed. Handbuch Popkultur)

Very often, we only associate the notion of “pop” with pop music. However, besides the King of Pop, there are many more related topics in music, art, technology, culture and even everyday life. The editors of Global Pop and Handbuch Popkultur address the content of their books as well as their differences and invite everyone to an open discussion around the topic of “pop”.

Book title:
Global Pop
Handbuch Popkultur

Friday, October 13, 2017

10.30 am

Maritim Hotel (Next to the Frankfurt Book Fair)
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

Springer anniversary logo © Springer


In celebration of its 175th anniversary, Springer hosts a reception for authors, customer, and partners. For invited guests only!

11.30 am – 12.00 noon
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

10 Dinge, die Sie über Gravitationswellen wissen wollen

Gravitational waves and black holes
10 things you should know about gravitational waves

Andreas Müller (author)

It was the scientific sensation of 2016: for the first time ever, scientists managed to directly measure gravitational waves, thus confirming Albert Einstein’s prediction of their existence. The waves resulted from the collision of two black holes in the depths of space around 1.4 billion years ago. Astrophysicist and scientific author Dr. Andreas Müller will give an interview to present his new book which also includes comments from numerous gravitational wave research scientists.

After completing his PhD in astronomy at Heidelberg University in 2004, Müller conducted research on black holes at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich. In 2007 he became Research Manager at the Universe Cluster of Excellence at the Technical University of Munich. A sought-after speaker at public lectures, he also cooperates with schools (Johannes Kepler Award winner 2012).

Book title:
10 Dinge, die Sie über Gravitationswellen wissen wollen

12 noon - 1.00 pm
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Panel discussion organized by
Akademie der Deutschen Medien
in German

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Virtual Reality: What the future holds for the publishing industry

Panelist: Dr Niels Peter Thomas, Chief Book Strategist, Springer Nature

The interaction with publishing customers both in B2B and B2C will be catapulted into new dimensions through artificial intelligence (KI), chatbots and virtual reality (VR). The new trends create personalized brand experiences, more interaction options and better customer service. But how can we bring products with augmented reality and virtual reality to life? What are the possible applications for AI and chatbots? In short, this discussion is about how we can use these technologies efficiently for the development and implementation of innovative products, marketing concepts and service models?

2.00 pm . 3.00 pm
Hot Spot Publishing Services, Hall 4.0 / J 37
Panel discussion organized by Fullstop GmbH
in English

International Innovation Day - Panel:
"Artificial Intelligence - Let's get practical!"

Panelist: Aliaksandr Birukou, Executive Editor Computer Science, Springer Nature

Publishing Production

“Artificial intelligence” is the latest hype, not just in publishing. We will take a look at concrete examples of (semi)automatic rule-based and machine learning solutions in use by publishers today to increase quality and efficiency in the production workflow.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

11.30 am – 12.00 noon
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Workshop organized by Springer
in German

Schreiben zur Selbsthilfe © Springer Nature

Writing workshop to accompany the book “Writing for self-help: Finding words – experiencing happiness – being healthy”

Birgit Schreiber (author)

This short workshop will give an initial overview of how daily writing can become a reliable friend, coach and companion in everyday life as well as in times of crisis. Writing coach and biographical researcher Dr. Birgit Schreiber ( will read short passages from her book and provide answers to questions such as:
Why does writing work? Who benefits from writing, who should better desist? What are the requirements? Am I really creative and what should I do if I get writer’s block?

Drop by, join in the writing, and pose your own questions.
Paper and pens will be provided.

Book title:
Schreiben zur Selbsthilfe

12.30 pm – 1.00 pm
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Workshop organized by Springer
in German

Dynamische Faszien © Springer Nature

Relaxed but agile with dynamic fascia – workshop: fascia training as practised by the grand masters of Shaolin

Robert Egger (author)

This short workshop teaches participants modern fascia training based on Shaolin practices. 1500 years ago, the Shaolin monks suffered as we do today from an overly sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. Behind the monastery walls they then developed techniques to combine “brain training” with meditative movements. Author Robert Egger (, head of Shaolin Austria and qualified Shaolin Qi Gong coach, will present the centuries-old knowledge alongside the latest findings on fascia in a short theoretical session before entertainingly guiding participants through the exercises.

Join in, try out the exercises, and feel free to ask questions.

Book title:
Dynamische Faszien

2.30 pm – 3.00 pm
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Homo Urbanus © Springer Nature

Homo urbanus
Evolutionary biology reveals how to create a liveable city for people

Elisabeth Oberzaucher (author)

Based on the findings of evolutionary and behavioural biology, Elisabeth Oberzaucher describes the inclinations and behavioural tendencies of Homo urbanus, the urban dweller. From these she derives concrete approaches for designing urban living spaces, i.e. towns and cities where territoriality and social structures promote the co-existence of many people with different interests. Behavioural biologist Oberzaucher researches and teaches at the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Vienna and is also Scientific Director of the Urban Human Research Institute. In 2015 she was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for Mathematics, together with Karl Grammer. In 2016 she became the first female member of Science Busters, who provide myriad humorous insights into science.

Book title:
Homo Urbanus

Sunday, October 15, 2017

11.30 am – 12.00 noon
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Leben mit der Bombe © Springer Nature

Living with the bomb: Own nuclear weapons for Germany? Discussion with German armed forces expert Ulf von Krause

Werner Sonne (author)

Even after German reunification and the end of the Cold War, NATO atomic bombs continue to be stocked in Germany. Just a few years ago, Barack Obama and (former German foreign secretary) Guido Westerwelle advocated a nuclear-free world, but circumstances have manifestly changed since then. In this age of Kim Jong-un, Putin, Assad and Trump, Germany is actually debating the purchase of own nuclear weapons again. How realistic is this proposition? What would be the consequences for Germany’s domestic and foreign policy? Werner Sonne, former domestic and foreign correspondent for leading German TV channel ARD, will be talking to retired Lieutenant General Ulf von Krause, former National Territorial Commander and expert on the German armed forces.

Book title:
Leben mit der Bombe

12.30 am – 1.00 pm
Hot Spot Education, Hall 4.2 / C 96
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Revolution im Profifussball © Springer Nature

A revolution in professional football
Game analysis 4.0 with Big Data – state-of-the-art, precise game analyses in professional sport within seconds

Daniel Memmert (author)

Interview and discussion about modern game analysis using Big Data in professional sport, an effective resource for retrieving specific information about football games in a matter of seconds using positioning data. The main focus will be on the new insights modern game analysis can provide.
University professor Dr. Daniel Memmert is Managing Director and Professor at the Institute for Coaching Science and Computer Science in Sport, at the German Sport University Cologne. His institute cooperates with various Bundesliga football clubs, the German national football team and DAX-listed companies, and is currently organising the first international “Game Analysis” master’s programme.

Book title:
Revolution im Profifußball

Permanent Exhibition, Wednesday, October 11 - Sunday October 15, 2017

Metzler Booth
Hall 3.1 / Stand 139

French Corner at the Metzler Booth

In line with the guest of honour, France, J.B Metzler presents the most important and most current books that relate to France at their booth. Visitors can expect a little French treat to sweeten the reading!

Campus Day - Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Content ItemIt´s all about academic studies and further education at our Springer Nature Campus Day!
Our program offers a variety of presentations and workshops hosted by Springer Nature employees. It is tailored to the needs and topics of students and early career researchers from all subject areas: From distance learning to innovative, helpful research tools and the do´s and don’ts in scientific social media use - visit our Springer Nature Campus Day to gain further insight into crucial topics.

The events take place at the Springer Nature stand or the Book Fair hot spot Professional & Scientific Information in hall 4.2 N99. After each session, there will be room for questions and further discussion with our presenters.

Saturday, October 14, 2107

10.00 am  - 10.30 am
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in German


Flexible study options: Springer Campus distance learning programs

Speaker: Merlet Behncke-Braunbeck & Team

Finding time for continuing education on top of the daily grind isn’t always easy, and for many people, giving up their career simply isn’t an option. In response, through Springer Campus, Springer Nature offers a range of distance learning degree programs that allow members of the workforce to pursue their further education. As a result Springer Nature does not only publish books, but education by organising study as well as certificate courses. By cooperating with excellent partners such as universities and academic institutions, Springer Nature has been able to offer an expanding choice of programs in science, engineering, economics, psychology, and IT. In addition to online classes, we thereby focus on different blended learning solutions. Merlet Behncke-Braunbeck introduces Springer Nature’s concept, presents the various degree programs and explains what sets distance learning at Springer Nature apart from the crowd.

10.30 am  - 11.00 am
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Download high resolution cover © Reicaden/iStock [m]

A glimpse into the future: What will books look like 100 years from now?

Speaker: Dr Niels Peter Thomas, Chief Book Strategist, Springer Nature

Over the past few decades, the medium “book” has undergone massive changes. Once limited to a purely “hard-copy” product, eBooks, mobile reading devices and accompanying apps have long-since conquered the book market. But how will books continue to evolve? Will there still be conventional printed books a century from now? And what will this transformation mean for publishers?

Niels Peter Thomas shares a glimpse into the future of books and explains why the printed book will never die out.

11.30 am  - 12.30 noon
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Online Review Copies © Anthony Hall / iStockphoto

Look behind the scenes: scientific research and publishing @ Springer Nature

Speakers: Dorothee Fetzer, Cornelia Schwanke & Editorial Colleagues

Do you think about publishing your thesis or a journal article? Or would you like to get insights into working with  Springer Nature research solutions? Colleagues from different departments present their daily work and explain which steps are involved from submitting a manuscript to its publication and how to successfully conduct scientific research.

After each presentation, there will be room for your questions and discussions with our experts.

11:30 Uhr: Open Access publishing for thesis projects
Dorothee Fetzer, Executive Editor Research

11:45 Uhr: From manuscript to publication
Cornelia Schwanke, Global Program Manager & Benedikt Naglik, Implementation Specialist

12:15 Uhr: Scientific Research with Springer Nature Experiments
Michele Cristovao, Product Manager SpringerProtocols

1.00 pm - 1.30 pm
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information, Hall 4.2 / N 99
Panel Discussion organized by Frankfurt Book Fair
in German

Panel discussion:
Information und Wissen(schaft) im Zeitalter von Google, Wikipedia und Fake News

Host: Dr Michael Roesler-Graichen, Börsenblatt

Dr Niels Peter Thomas, Springer Nature

Thomas Ammon, Verlag Franz Vahlen

1.30 pm - 2.00 pm
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information, Hall 4.2 / N 99
Workshop/Live Demo organized by Springer Nature
in English

© Springer

Tips and innovative tools for academic research

Speaker: Dr Martijn Roelandse

Filtering out what matters from the tremendous flood of information has now become an enormous task – one that costs both time and energy. In this live demo, we show you a number of tips and tools available for free which can help your research. From Bookmetrix, which allows you to easily assess readership statistics about a book, to Recommended, which suggests further articles on relevant topics, the range of helpful services on offer is broad – and ensures your next search is faster and more efficient.

2.30 pm - 3.00 pm
Hot Spot Professional & Scientific Information, Hall 4.2 / N 99
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Humanities and Social Sciences © Springer Nature

Springer Nature for humanities and social sciences students

Speaker: Andreas Beierwaltes

Presenting our humanities portfolio, e.g. the brands Springer VS and J.B. Metzler 

Springer Nature imprints are well known to natural sciences, engineering and medical students. But until a few years ago there was only a modest portfolio available for humanities and social sciences (HSS) students. Those days are now over: with more than 4,000 new books every year and nearly 300 journals, HSS now forms a major part of Springer Nature’s publications. What can Springer Nature offer HSS students? This talk highlights the brands Springer VS and J.B. Metzler, as well as the international HSS program.

3.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in German


“Facebook for students”:
Springer’s partner Thesius offers students new networking options

Speaker: Thesius

Students who have to write a major paper, or a dissertation often feel isolated and overwhelmed. Some of the questions that preoccupy many students include: How do I find the right topic? Is anybody else writing about the same thing? Are they having more success than I am? And what should I do after I graduate? The academic platform Thesius offers students the opportunity to network with one another, but also with companies and universities. Thesius introduces the platform and demonstrates how students can profit from its broad range of services.

4.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Springer Nature Stand, Hall 4.2 / F 8
Presentation organized by Springer
in German

Social Media

Social Media and the academic world – The dos and don’ts

Speakers: Tina Harseim & Team

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. have established themselves as elements of our daily lives – which is hardly a surprise, since it’s now easier than ever to stay connected through social platforms. But how do these “new” channels affect our communication with one another? And how can we present ourselves in the best possible light?

Tina Harseim, Head of Social Media at Springer Nature, discusses the opportunities and pitfalls of social media. 

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It has become a renowned tradition to welcome you to our Happy Hour. Being the place to meet Springer Nature representatives, authors and colleagues from other publishing houses, we warmly invite you to our stand at 5.00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for some refreshments.
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