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Nature, founded in 1869, is the leading weekly, international scientific journal and sits at the heart of the Nature Research brand. Nature Research also publishes a range of Nature-branded research and reviews subscription journals across the life, clinical, physical and social sciences, alongside leading open access multidisciplinary journal Nature Communications and other open access journals, including megajournal Scientific Reports and a range of partner journals known collectively as the Nature Partner Journals.

The Nature Research portfolio comprises essential publications, products and services that extend to meet the broad needs of the researcher and help them to fulfil their personal aspirations and those of the scientific community.Our desire is that the portfolio’s journals are the places that researchers most want to publish their work, from their first paper to the ones that define their careers. In a competitive world, we want to make our services the ones that institutions and scientists use to help them to shine.

We work to ensure Nature Research is valued as a:

  • centre of editorial expertise
  • partner to the research community
  • committed pioneer
  • home to a breadth of research
  • brand of integrity & trust
  • model of excellence

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More than 400,000 articles that highlight remarkable inventions, historic events and advancements in science, technology and medicine.

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Bringing readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 170 years.

Content across life, physical and clinical sciences

  • Nature, our flagship and the leading international scientific journal
  • Nature-branded research journals
  • Nature-branded reviews journals
  • Nature archives: nearly 150 years of scientific breakthroughs

Summary of benefits

Helping your users get the most of our articles:

  • Full text HTML, PDF or ReadCube articles 
  • Supplementary Information — access additional information not included in the printed version, giving papers more depth. Includes data sets, expanded methods and video animations.
  • Correspondence — email the selected author for each paper or request further materials.
  • Downloadable Citation information — key information into personal bibliographic databases to create bibliographies from an article.
  • Reference linking - Article references link to the full abstracting services of Chemical Abstract Services, Chemport, CINAHL, EMBASE, ISI, including the ISI Web of Science, MEDLINE and PubMed.
  • Link to Pubmed — search for more articles from the same authors.

Benefits of access to Nature Research journals:

  • Advanced Online Publication (AOP) —latest research published online up to two months ahead of print
  • Our highly integrated platform allows users to search by keyword, author, article title or DOI; as well as link to external online databases (BIND, GENBANK, Swiss Prot) and full abstracting services (PubMed, ISI Web of Science, Google Scholar)
  • Advance search — search by keyword, author, article title or DOI for refined results.
  • CrossRef Search — allow your researchers to find the highest quality research across multiple publishers faster and more effectively
  • Table of Contents alerts — get the latest content delivered direct to your inbox, including articles published AOP
  • Web feeds (RSS) — tailor your selection of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds from
  • Social networks — find Nature Research on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and join the discussion.
  • Additional published content in podcasts and video is also available.

Clinical science highlights

Life sciences highlights

Life sciences (1)
Life sciences (1)
(PDF, 382.90 KB)
Nature human behaviour (1)
Nature human behaviour (1)
(PDF, 1,005.40 KB)
Nature microbiology (1)
Nature microbiology (1)
(PDF, 534.37 KB)
Nature plants (1)
Nature plants (1)
(PDF, 4.84 MB)

Physical sciences highlights

Physical sciences (1)
Physical sciences (1)
(PDF, 862.39 KB)
Nature astronomy (1)
Nature astronomy (1)
(PDF, 2.02 MB)
Nature Energy brochure
Nature Energy brochure
(PDF, 422.70 KB)

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