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Comments, views and connections from Springer Nature

Celebrating the Chinese contribution to the world’s sustainable development research

With the fastest-growing scientific and scholarly research, China’s importance for sustainable development is increasingly clear.

Research Publishing
28 Aug 2019
Transformative deals substantially aid the transition to OA. Let’s give them the time they need to do so.

Last month, Springer Nature agreed a new transformative ‘read and publish’ deal with the Norwegian library consortium, Unit.  This, coupled with renewals of existing deals in the UK (Jisc), Sweden (Bibsam) and Qatar, takes the number of such deals we have into double figures, the most of any publisher.  These deals enable researchers in these ten countries to publish open access in over 1900 Springer journals as well as read the research of others across this portfolio.

02 Aug 2019
The future of open access books

Open access book publishing has been growing in recent years. The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) lists 2,099 open access books published in 2018, an increase of 38% from 2017. Funders are also starting to engage with open access for books: a small number of European funders now mandate open access for books and provide financial support for open access book publication. COAlition S has also indicated that they support transitioning monographs to open access, and will provide guidance by the end of 2021.

18 Jun 2019
Maximising the benefits of early sharing

At Springer Nature making great research available as quickly as possible is a central part of our commitment to the research community. 

Springer Nature Group
23 May 2019

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Providing insight and discussion for researchers on publishing in the academic world

Helping amplify your voice

A lot more goes into your work than appears in the published article or book—the inspirations, the insights, the reasons for the decisions made. All of this gives context to the final published work, and gives perspective on your findings. 

The Source
17 Jul 2019
You've published your article, now what?

journal publishing

Read what our survey of 6,500 journal authors had to say about post-publication promotion.

The Source
11 Jul 2019
Re-building an Editorial Board to Better Represent a Journal’s Field: An Exceptional Editor Case Study

editor case study

Find out how this Editor-in-Chief built a more inclusive board representative of the journal's field.

The Source
26 Jun 2019
Celebrating a Journal Anniversary with Impact: An Exceptional Editor Case Study

editor case study

Learn how this Editor-in-Chief created a successful initiative for the 50th anniversary of his journal.

The Source
06 Jun 2019


  • Our commitment to content sharing

    Our commitment to content sharing

    SharedIt is our free content sharing initiative that provides a simple, quick and legitimate way for researchers to share their content with the academic community and beyond.

  • A Linked Open Data platform for the scholarly domain

    A Linked Open Data platform for the scholarly domain

    SciGraph, the new Linked Open Data platform aggregating data sources from Springer Nature and key partners from the scholarly domain.

  • Keeping up-to-date just got easier

    Keeping up-to-date just got easier

    Recommended is a personalised service that helps researchers to keep up to date with the latest research by suggesting relevant papers from all publishers, based on what has previously been read.

  • Share your discoveries and receive recognition

    Share your discoveries and receive recognition

    ORCID identifiers give researchers a personal, permanent digital code that distinguishes them from every other researcher and links their publication record, ensuring their work is recognised.

  • Research-based solutions to real-world problems

    Research-based solutions to real-world problems

    Our Grand Challenges Programme connects academics, business leaders and policy makers to generate solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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…my interactions with the editors and staff were really key. I want to emphasize that the handling editor played no small part in making this paper what it is now. He really went out of his way to provide feedback on framing and experiments to do in order to test certain hypotheses…the editor was key in making the story what it is. He is definitely part of this discovery. 

Michael M. Halassa, M.D., Ph.D.


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