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Zika epidemic

© Larvas of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti by Jeffrey Arguedas / pa

A group of leading global health bodies published a joint statement pledging to share data and results relevant to the current Zika crisis and future public health emergencies.

We are committed to putting this into action, therefore Springer Nature is opening its resources related to the Zika virus, including articles, commentaries, blog posts and news items.

Experts, selected primarily from our pool of authors, have written overviews that provide useful information to students, researchers, health care professionals and other scientifically minded individuals. Coming from a broad spectrum of disciplines, these experts write about how their particular field is involved in the scientific investigations to contain the virus and care for patients. Each overview offers a selection of freely available content as chosen by the author.

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As a Management Board we are excited by the enormous possibilities that this merger brings. Together we will be able to think bigger, act bolder and achieve more by bringing more resources to bear, in more efficient ways and with a unifying passion for serving the ever evolving needs of our customers - academic researchers, students, teachers and professionals in all of our markets across the world.

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