What is research integrity and what is it all about?

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By: undefined, Mon Aug 5 2019

Publishers play an integral role in ensuring the soundness of the scientific record, working collaboratively with the research community to maintain the integrity of research. As one of the largest publishers of academic research, Springer Nature has an in-house research integrity group to ensure the growing volume of scientific content being published continues to be rigorously assessed, with robust processes in place to prevent and address research misconduct and breaches of publication ethics.

Springer Nature’s team of research integrity specialists (SNRIG) works with internal and external editors to provide support and advice on best practice and ethical conduct in research. The team trains editors on the fundamentals of publication best practice, and on how to resolve research integrity problems when they arise. When extra help is needed, particularly for very large and complex cases, SNRIG provides it. SNRIG’s overarching remit is to maintain the integrity of the scholarly record. SNRIG serves books, journals, magazines, databases, and many other products and projects across Springer Nature.

Watch the short video below to find out more about the steps the research integrity team takes in cases that problem is detected in a manuscript:

You can find more about research integrity at Springer Nature here.