6 Discussions you can join at this year's SpotOn Conference

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By: Lucy Frisch, Tue Nov 19 2019
Lucy Frisch

Author: Lucy Frisch

The 10th annual SpotOn conference takes place this week. The event provides an opportunity for discussion, collaboration, and innovation in science communication, and this year the focus is on research communication and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read on for more information on what to expect at SpotOn 2019.


SpotOn 2019 is happening Thursday, November 21st. With the goal of innovating for sustainability and fostering communication across borders, this year's conference will be held in two simultaneous locations: London and Cairo. A livestream will also be available for those who want to attend virtually.

However you choose to participate, here are six discussions you can join at SpotOn this year:

  1. How we can communicate research for sustainable development
  2. How open access can address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  3. How we can better humanize science
  4. How research can affect local policy
  5. How we can decolonize research
  6. How technology can help research cross global borders

You can view the full program and register to attend in-person or virtually here.

Lucy Frisch

Author: Lucy Frisch

Lucy Frisch is a Senior Marketing Manager leading the Content Marketing Programmes team, based in the New York office. She has a passion for storytelling and works to humanize the research published across Springer Nature with a focus on the researcher experience.

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