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Committed to open research, we offer researchers, institutions and their funders open access (OA) options for journals, books and sharing research data.

We make academic research freely accessible and discoverable through partnerships, innovation and collaboration with communities across science, technology, medicine, the humanities and social sciences.

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Find funding for your next OA publication

We offer a free support service to make it easier for you to discover and apply for open access funding. Learn more about the 200+ available sources of funding available to you.

Encouraging data sharing

Our new standardised research data policies and services help you understand and meet funder and institutional data mandates.

Transformative Journals

Transformative Journals are coming in January 2021 – find out how we’re evolving our hybrid and subscription portfolios across Springer Nature, helping our authors increase the readership, reach and impact of their research through open access.

Institutional Agreements

As the world’s largest OA publisher, we continue to lead the way in offering innovative solutions for authors, their institutions and funders to support OA adoption, from our first transformative Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreement in 2015 to our first fully OA agreement in 2019.


  • APCs in the Wild

    The whitepaper explores data from Springer Nature authors on the source of article processing charge (APC) funding, along with feedback from institutional interviews to facilitate a greater understanding of where funding for APCs originates and how these sources are being used. 

  • Assessing the open access effect for hybrid journals

    The whitepaper examines the relationship between OA and impact, demonstrating the value hybrid journals bring to researchers, funders, institutions, and society more broadly.

  • The OA effect

    This report presents the first major comparative analysis of usage data for OA and non-OA scholarly books, and provides an informed view of how a book benefits from OA publication. 

  • The future of OA books

    A global Springer Nature survey of more than 2,500 academic book authors provides in-depth insights into attitudes towards open access.

  • Practical challenges for researchers in data sharing

    Based one of the largest surveys of researchers about research data, this report finds widespread data sharing associated with published works and a desire from researchers that their data are discoverable. 

  • Five essential factors for data sharing

    The whitepaper proposes five measures that will help in making data sharing more efficient and ensure good data practice. Bringing together survey results from more than 11,000 researchers, we explore the challenges they face, as well as their attitudes and behaviours towards data sharing.

  • Challenges and opportunities for Japanese researchers

    A survey of more than 1,000 Japanese researchers, looking at the challenges and opportunities in data sharing in Japan. 

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Data Sharing in China

    The report summarises the findings of a survey with more than 2,000 researchers working in China, looking at the challenges and opportunities for data sharing in China.

  • 2017 Librarian OA survey

    A small survey of global library staff reveals that respondents view open access as the future of academic and scientific publishing, and many are not satisfied with the current speed of the transition.

  • The State of Open Data 2019

    The 2019 survey results show that while most trends are encouraging around the adoption and acceptance of open data, the research community is now demanding more enforcement of the mandates that have been adopted by many governments, funders, publishers and institutions around the world. 

  • The State of Open Data 2018

    The 2018 survey results continue to show encouraging progress, that open data is becoming more embedded in the research community.

  • The State of Open Data 2017

    The report looks at global attitudes towards open data. It includes survey results of 2,300 respondents and a collection of articles from industry experts.

  • The State of Open Data 2016

    Springer Nature in partnership with Digital Science bring you this annual report, examining attitudes and experiences of researchers working with open data.

Ready to publish?

  • L_biomedcentral_boxgreyblue_600x250

    A pioneer of open access publishing, BMC is committed to innovation and offers an evolving portfolio of some 300 journals.

  • L_natureresearch_boxgreyblue_600x250

    Open research is at the heart of Nature Research. Our portfolio includes Nature CommunicationsScientific Reports and many more.

  • Springer

    Springer offers a variety of open access options for journal articles and books across a number of disciplines. 

  • L_palgravemacmillan_boxgreyblue_600x250

    Palgrave Macmillan is committed to developing sustainable models of open access for the HSS disciplines.

  • L_apress_boxgreyblue_600x250

    Apress is dedicated to meeting the information needs of developers, IT professionals, and tech communities worldwide.

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Dr Sabeti and Dr Happi talk about building a pandemic preemption system to safeguard us from future pandemics.

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23 Jul 2020
Research in the time of a pandemic: Coronavirus, Class and Mutual Aid in the UK


In this week's blog we discuss how the economic systems in place played a role into how the pandemic has developed.

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Research in the time of a pandemic: Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention


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Dr Sarah Gilbert, the lead for the Oxford Vaccine Trial for COVID-19 talks about the vaccine.

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Strengthening trust in peer review through transparency

Peer review

Peer Review Week 2020  -  how is trust related to transparency? 

23 Sep 2020
Understanding better the impact of COVID-19 on the research enterprise

Commissioned research to better understand challenges faced by universities and researchers worldwide.

Springer Nature Group
06 Aug 2020
A message from Frank Vrancken Peeters, our CEO

We are shocked by events in the US. We stand united against racism and discrimination of any kind. 

Springer Nature Group
05 Jun 2020
A message from Frank Vrancken Peeters

Advancing discovery

Springer Nature's CEO in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Springer Nature Group
19 Mar 2020

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