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Meeting the needs of learners worldwide means so much more than producing high-quality resources – we are here to support teachers and students at all stages to get the most from education.

As a company, the content we produce is split into two parts. Our Language Learning division focuses mainly on English Language Teaching content and also produces resources in Spanish and Chinese for certain regions. Our Schools Curriculum Division creates materials to fit with the curricula of countries around the world.

Language Learning   Curriculum 

Language Learning

Languagae LearningOur award-winning English Language Teaching (ELT) publishing has helped millions of students improve their language skills and equipped them with everything they need to succeed in education, in the workplace, and throughout their lives.

Visit our dedicated Macmillan English website for teachers to:

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CurriculumWe are a market leader in regional curriculum publishing with a strong local presence in Southern Africa, India, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, the Caribbean, and the International Curriculum. We publish rich content for kindergarten to grade 12. At Macmillan Education, we build and sustain relationships with key educators, enabling us to work with professional experts to deliver quality content based on world-leading methodologies. Our accessible, engaging, and creative resources inspire and support teachers in delivering effective and interactive lessons, resulting in outstanding outcomes in the classroom, both online and offline through our Digital platforms Macmillan Education Everywhere, Altura and Casillo Si.


Across Argentina, Editorial Estrada and Puerto de Palos create integrated textbooks and multimedia materials for all school levels across curriculum subjects, while the esteemed publishing brands Azulejos and Cántaro offer an impressive range of literature collections for all school ages.

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Macmillan Caribbean is one of the world's leading publishers of educational and general interest books for and about the Caribbean. For over seventy years, Macmillan Caribbean has been committed to providing a comprehensive range of authoritative teaching and learning resources across all subjects and levels. We understand that each Caribbean country has unique requirements that are constantly evolving. Our team ensures we stay informed, bringing together the expertise of local authors, educators, Ministry officials, and subject officers to help Caribbean students achieve their academic goals.

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Since 1892, Macmillan Education India has been pioneering quality publishing for teachers and institutions for over 130 years. Our passion for transforming lives is at the heart of our ideology. Macmillan textbooks, developed by leading academics and practising teachers, are research-based and learner-centric, making them the first choice of over 15,000 institutions across India. Our resources lead the teaching-learning process through new methodologies and sound teaching practices, inspiring learners to achieve more through engaging digital and print content. We are spread across 24 offices in India and over 15 million learners use our resources, which include 200 new titles every year. More than 50,000 teachers receive professional development inputs from us. We proudly state that it is highly probable every Indian student has turned to a Macmillan textbook as a trusted and credible companion in their education.

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In Mexico, our Castillo brand has won numerous prestigious accolades, including the International Children’s Illustrated Book and Editorial Art awards. Castillo’s children’s literature collection features some of the most beloved modern children’s fiction writers, such as David Almond, Ana María Machado, and Sonya Hartnett. We publish across the curriculum and are used by thousands of students and teachers across Mexico, inspiring learners.

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Southern Africa 

Macmillan Education Southern Africa is a group of world-class educational content and service providers. As a trusted umbrella publishing brand in Southern Africa, including Macmillan South Africa, Macmillan Eswatini, Macmillan Botswana, Namibia Publishing House, and College Press, we support learners, teachers, and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing content in the most relevant, engaging, and flexible formats. We aim to support learners in reaching their full potential through our revered learner-support programmes. Our passion for learning and commitment to elevating education in Southern Africa is unmatched, making us a preferred partner in education. We take pride in our Southern African heritage and enjoy combining our extensive local knowledge and expertise with our global reach and support.

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Since its founding in 1987, Macmillan Education Iberia has established itself as one of the most important educational publishers in Spain. Our primary focus is on language teaching, including materials for English, bilingualism, French, and German. We also offer solutions for vocational training, the bullying prevention programme KiVa, and bMaker to teach computational thinking and STEAM. Our priority has always been to advance learning by building relationships based on trust with the educational community, innovating in pedagogy, and inspiring learners to achieve their goals both professionally and personally.

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International Curriculum

Our International Curriculum Resources combine our strengths in English Language Teaching publishing with a deep understanding of the needs of localised markets. We provide schools with a complete solution that matches the syllabuses of the leading International Curriculum providers and offer unrivalled support to teachers, students, and parents whose first language is not English. In classrooms around the world, we understand how transformative learning can be, and we are passionate about providing students and their teachers with everything they need to succeed in education, in the workplace, and in life.

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