Rednova Learning

Based in Florida, we develop and publish print and digital materials for teachers and learners of American English as a foreign language

RedNova Learning was created in 2012 as a US subsidiary of Macmillan English that would focus on creating authentic English as a foreign language (EFL) materials for Macmillan's American-English markets. RedNova staff work in tandem with teams around the world to create products for students and teachers in Latin America, East Asia, and the Middle East. Our publishing encompasses a wide range of print and digital formats for preschool, primary, and young adult students, to meet the varying needs of the global marketplace.

Our Products

Our print and multimedia products help create engaging interactive learning environments and are designed with the flexibility to be used in or out of the classroom.

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Work with us

RedNova Learning is part of Springer Nature, a major force in scientific, scholarly, professional, and educational publishing.

We are looking for motivated professionals to join our team based in Palmetto Bay near Miami, Florida. The team works on titles for preschool through young adult markets where American English is taught as a foreign language.

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Write for us

If you are an English language teaching (ELT) author or professional looking for new opportunities and ways of sharing your expertise, RedNova Learning would like to hear from you. Our goal is to create innovative but appropriately supportive educational materials for English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers and students all over the world. We are looking for new talent to work with us on the development of materials for our American-English publishing lists for preschool, primary, and lower and upper secondary students.

RedNova Learning works to a publishing plan, and therefore we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts for publication. Prospective authors should submit only the following documents:

  • an updated résumé highlighting relevant teaching, authoring, editorial, or reviewing experience in the ELT field;
  • a cover letter stating which levels and age groups you are interested in writing for as well as the type of material you would like to write (student’s books, workbooks, teacher’s editions, etc.);
  • (optional) samples of published EFL materials authored by you along with an explanation of the targeted audience.

Note: If you have a proposal for an EFL publication, please supply a brief outline with a rationale explaining unique selling points of the product and the intended audience. All requests and submissions will be treated with confidentiality.

Email us at to submit your documents.

Freelance Work

Thank you for your interest in working with RedNova Learning, a Macmillan Education/Springer Nature subsidiary. We welcome résumés and portfolios from experienced freelancers, studios, and other professionals who have experience working on educational materials, especially English as a foreign language (EFL) materials. RedNova Learning is interested in expanding its freelance and vendor talent pool. Opportunities exist for:

  • content editors with EFL teaching experience;
  • copyeditors (American English and Spanish);
  • proofreaders (American English and Spanish);
  • design studios with knowledge of educational publishing and the capacity to work on large projects;
  • designers, illustrators, and prop artists;
  • photographers located in South Florida with experience working with children;
  • audio studios with experience producing EFL materials;
  • video studios, photo studios, modeling agencies, video producers, videographers, and other EFL professionals who have experience working with children.

Please send your résumé or portfolio to for editorial freelance work or for design freelance work.


The RedNova Learning office is in the east building, adjacent to the lake, on the third floor. Visitor parking is located in the parking garage in the east building. There is an elevator in each building as well as stairs by the rotunda between the buildings.

RedNova Learning 
18001 Old Cutler Road Suite 370 
Palmetto Bay Florida 33157 
Tel: (786) 842 6000

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