Rights and Permissions

Macmillan Education titles

PLS Permissions

You might be interested in licensing content from our print or digital products. If you do wish to use text, images or any other material contained in a Macmillan product, you will need to contact us in advance.

We have partnered with PLS to handle all our Macmillan Education permissions via their PLS Clear tool. You can request permission by visiting their website.

PLS Clear

Former Macmillan titles

ISBNs starting with 0023 & 0024 are now copyrighted to Prentice Hall/Pearson Higher Education US.

Pearson Permissions

ISBNs starting with 0028 (Macmillan Library Reference titles) are now copyrighted to Cengage.

Cengage Permissions

Pan Macmillan titles

For Pan Macmillan titles, please enquire here:

Pan Macmillan Permissions

Rights & Permissions FAQs

How do I know if the book I have is owned by Macmillan Education?

  • Macmillan Education titles can be identified by their ISBN, which can usually be found on the back page and the imprint page. ISBNs starting with: 978 1405-0, 978 0330, 978 0333, 978 0230 and 978 0435 all belong to Macmillan Education.
  • Very old Macmillan titles with ISBNs commencing 0023 & 0024 are now copyrighted to Prentice Hall/Pearson Higher Education US.
    Contact: USAPermissions@pearson.com
  • ISBNs commencing 0028 (Macmillan Library Reference titles) are now copyrighted to Cengage.
    Contact: request@cengage.com
  • Free Press, Collier Macmillan and Macmillan Inc (Macmillan New York) are not part of the Macmillan Group in the UK; these are part of Simon & Schuster in the USA.
    Contact: permissions@simonandschuster.com
  • Any requests for Pan Macmillan UK should be sent to
    and for Palgrave Macmillan UK please contact

How can I tell if there is third party material contained in a Macmillan Education book?

To identify if there is third party material in a Macmillan Education title, have a look at the imprint page at the front of the book – this will include a list of acknowledgements for any third party content that is included.

Can I photocopy a Macmillan Education book?

If the page or pages you wish to copy are marked as photocopiable then this can be done without permission. If you have a licence with the Publishers Licensing Society, then this will also cover photocopying of any Macmillan Education title. Otherwise you will need to apply for permission.

There are limited exceptions where use of Macmillan content is covered by Fair Dealing which can be a complex area. To avoid doubt, please contact rightsandpermissions@macmillan.com before using any Macmillan Education content.

Can I scan or digitise pages from a Macmillan Education book to put on a local network, website or VLE?

A licence will be needed in order to put Macmillan content on a local network, website or VLE.

Do I need permission to use CD or DVD content?

All of Macmillan’s discs are protected by copyright and therefore copying is not permitted. To upload content from a CD/DVD to a local network, website or VLE you will need permission.

Do I need permission to reword, adapt or translate Macmillan Education content?

You need permission to reword, adapt or translate text from a Macmillan Education product.

Do I need permission to use Macmillan Education content in a broadcast or play?

You will need permission to include any Macmillan content in a broadcast.

Am I able to request PDFs of a title for a visually impaired student?

We can provide electronic files to universities/colleges for students who require the work to be supplied in an alternative format such as Braille. Please note that we may not have electronic files for older titles.

We supply files to RNIB Bookshare which is an online resource that provides UK curriculum and language learning materials in a range of accessible formats that can be read electronically or adapted to suit the personal reading needs of learners. The service enables learners who cannot read standard print, including those with dyslexia or sight loss, to read the same books at the same time as their peers, giving them the same educational opportunities.

With RNIB Bookshare you can access thousands of accessible books from Macmillan Education ELT and School Curriculum Catalogues, and thousands of images in clear print and tactile formats.

Visit www.rnibbookshare.org to set up your account and start downloading resources. Alternatively, you can contact the RNIB Bookshare team by emailing bookshare@rnib.org.uk or calling 44 (0)30 0303 8313. If you can't find the book you're looking for in the collection please complete the RNIB Bookshare book request form.

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