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SpringerLink delivers fast, accurate access to the depth and breadth of our online collection of Science, Technology and Medicine and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) books, journals, reference works and protocols covering a vast range of disciplines. SpringerLink is built on the latest technologies to provide maximum flexibility and usability.


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  • Publishing the world’s leading scholars
  • Including journals, books, reference works, protocols and databases
  • Regularly updated content and each year approximately adds: 10,000 new eBooks, 3,000 new protocols and over 270,000 journal articles
  • Accessible on the fastest, most versatile research platform we’ve ever developed
  • Look inside the first two pages of a document the library doesn’t own
  • Mobile optimized for optimal browsing on a desktop, tablet or phone
  • Online First access to peer-reviewed articles before they are published in print
  • Open Choice option for authors
    Springer Alerts and RSS feeds
  • Print-on-demand service MyCopy that lets users order a personal soft cover edition of Springer eBook titles for a fraction of the usual print cost

SpringerLink archive content

SpringerLink includes the Springer and Palgrave Macmillan Archive collections of journals and books authored by leading scientists whose work laid the foundations for modern scientific understanding. 

  • Springer Journal Archives include 2+ million articles from 1,000+ journals
  • Palgrave Macmillan Journal Archives include 11 titles with archive content dating back to 1950
  • Springer Book Archives including the Palgrave Archives span 120,000+ titles dating back to the 1840’s

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