Research data policies and services

At Springer Nature we want to enable all of our authors and journals to publish the best research, which includes achieving community best practices in the sharing and archiving of research data. We also aim to facilitate compliance with research funder and institution requirements to share data.

To help accomplish this we are introducing a set of standardised research data policies that can be easily adopted, and are developing supporting tools and services.

These new policies and services aim to:

  • make it easier for researchers to share data and files that support their publications
  • improve author service and experience by standardising research data policies and procedures between journals where appropriate
  • improve reader service by providing more consistent and useful links between publications and research data
  • improve editor and peer reviewer service by providing more consistent guidelines and support for research data policies, and increased visibility of data in the peer-review process
  • encourage publication of more open and reproducible research
  • increase growth and innovation in research data sharing, and associated tools and services
  • provide a dedicated Research Data Support helpdesk for Springer Nature authors and editors

This project is part of a number of Springer Nature activities to help ensure that the data at the heart of scholarly research are appropriately archived and, where possible, widely accessible.

Find out more about our different Research Data Policies types. Find out more about our Data Support Services (pilot).

Ensuring all Springer Nature publications have an appropriate research data policy is hugely important for helping to raise awareness of the many benefits effective data sharing can bring to research, and scholarly publishing.

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Head of Data Publishing

Research data policies and services