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Comments, views and connections from Springer Nature

Strengthening trust in peer review through transparency

Peer review

Peer Review Week 2020  -  how is trust related to transparency? 

23 Sep 2020
Understanding better the impact of COVID-19 on the research enterprise

Commissioned research to better understand challenges faced by universities and researchers worldwide.

Springer Nature Group
06 Aug 2020
A message from Frank Vrancken Peeters, our CEO

We are shocked by events in the US. We stand united against racism and discrimination of any kind. 

Springer Nature Group
05 Jun 2020
A message from Frank Vrancken Peeters

Advancing discovery

Springer Nature's CEO in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Springer Nature Group
19 Mar 2020

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Providing insight and discussion for researchers on publishing in the academic world

Research in the time of a pandemic: SENTINEL- A proactive, early warning system to pre-empt future pandemics


Dr Sabeti and Dr Happi talk about building a pandemic preemption system to safeguard us from future pandemics.

The Source
23 Jul 2020
Research in the time of a pandemic: Coronavirus, Class and Mutual Aid in the UK


In this week's blog we discuss how the economic systems in place played a role into how the pandemic has developed.

The Source
16 Jul 2020
Research in the time of a pandemic: Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention


Read about the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Africa and their role during the pandemic.

The Source
09 Jul 2020
Research in the time of a pandemic: Leading the Oxford Vaccine Trial


Dr Sarah Gilbert, the lead for the Oxford Vaccine Trial for COVID-19 talks about the vaccine.

The Source
02 Jul 2020


  • Our commitment to content sharing

    Our commitment to content sharing

    SharedIt is our free content sharing initiative that provides a simple, quick and legitimate way for researchers to share their content with the academic community and beyond.

  • A Linked Open Data platform for the scholarly domain

    A Linked Open Data platform for the scholarly domain

    SciGraph, the new Linked Open Data platform aggregating data sources from Springer Nature and key partners from the scholarly domain.

  • Keeping up-to-date just got easier

    Keeping up-to-date just got easier

    Recommended is a personalised service that helps researchers to keep up to date with the latest research by suggesting relevant papers from all publishers, based on what has previously been read.

  • Share your discoveries and receive recognition

    Share your discoveries and receive recognition

    ORCID identifiers give researchers a personal, permanent digital code that distinguishes them from every other researcher and links their publication record, ensuring their work is recognised.

  • The Springer Nature Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme

    The Springer Nature Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme

    Learn how we are addressing the SDGs through our books, journals and commitment to open research, our innovative partnerships, and our role as a responsible business.

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